About Culturasonora

Who said that sound is not written? At Culturasonora we love it. But for that we believe that it must be done in a clear, entertaining way, providing rigorous information and above all: without spelling mistakes. Ever since we were kids we have loved to disembowel all kinds of devices to see how they were made inside. Then we decided to study Image and Sound. Between the music lovers that we are and the rock festivals that we ate, it was clear: we were drifting more towards the audio world. That's when we realized how important this sense is. Not just to hear what's going on in the world. Did you know that the ear is in charge of our body's balance?

Maybe that's why we are attracted to more balanced sounds and pay close attention to how things sound. We're one of those weirdos who have always enjoyed testing newly purchased headphones, fiddling with speakers at a friend's house, helping a colleague set up a new sound system, and trying out what's new in the industry. Sounds a bit freaky, doesn't it? That's what happens when you make your passion your way of life.

In Culturasonora we are a team of four professionals: Pere, Joel, Javi and Iñigo. We are each from our own father and mother, but there is one thing that unites us: we conceive acoustics as an art. We believe that much of culture has been transmitted through sound: music, movies, radio, voice and even clicking with the tongue, why not? Hence our name. We produce reports, articles and interviews related to the latest news in the audio world. We are specialized in comparisons and reviews that will help you in the buying process. On our platform you will also find tips and informative articles on technology that will come in handy when you ask yourself: what are these crazy people talking about?

We are passionate, grateful and a little crazy. But we are good people. Above all, we are people who believe in this project and that is why every line of this platform is written with care. We like to listen to good music on an audio system that doesn't detract from it and, why not, with a glass of bourbon in hand. We also like extreme sports, animals and taking care of nature, which at this rate is going to last us a telediario. We are all this, and much more. We are Culturasonora.

How was the project born?

While searching the web for information about devices, we realized that most digital platforms in Spanish presented their content in a confusing and contradictory way. And we feel powerless. Suddenly we asked ourselves: What if we saved people from this ordeal? What if we offer rigorous, readable and entertaining information on sound technology? It's what we do, it shouldn't be that hard, right? And what was supposed to be something theoretically simple became more complicated because of our eagerness to do things right. And that's where we are now.

What is our corporate philosophy?


We do not work for any brand, nor are we injected with capital by any fund, nor do we ever do advertorials. All our information is based on an exhaustive analysis of each product. We are an independent platform and we try to ensure that all our information is critical and objective.


We try to write in a way that everyone understands our texts. Okay, we are freaks, but our target audience is a mid-level user.

Informative rigor

All our comparisons, reports or reviews are born from an exhaustive analysis of that product. We test, analyze and collate them to give you reliable information. If there is something we don't like or don't like about a device, we simply tell you so that you can be the one to decide.


Behind every article there is above all a lot of work. The purpose of all this is to help our readers. Therefore, before writing anything, there is a lot of research, analysis, proofing, writing, design, editing, proofreading, positioning and again, proofreading. We are committed to the project, but above all: to you.


As you may have noticed, we hardly have any ads on our platform. This is not by chance or because we have not been tempted. We believe that in the end these types of actions tarnish our platform and above all worsen your experience. As an Amazon Affiliate, CulturaSonora.es earns revenue from qualifying Amazon Affiliate purchases. This is how we finance ourselves.

Our review policy?

As we have already explained we launch new reviews on a regular basis and analyze a lot of devices in our ‘toy room'. We try to publish at least once a week. First and foremost, we try to provide you with accurate information. As we have told you, we are an independent company and that is precisely where our strength lies. That's why we always try to be honest and tell you the pros and cons of each product. Of course, each of them has been previously selected from a lot of general devices. We are like miners searching for the gold nuggets of each segment.

We hope you feel at ease with us. We like to hear your opinions. We are not machines and we know that sometimes we make mistakes. For any questions, help, criticism or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at culturasonora.es@gmail.com. We will be happy to lend you a hand.

Thank you for trusting us.


C/ Pintor Rosales 38, Madrid, 28008 Spain


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