Bluetooth headsets: review of the best wireless bluetooth headphones

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Bose 700

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Sony WH-1000XM5

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Sony WF-1000XM4

What are the best Bluetooth Helmets of 2022?

The Bluetooth headset market is on fire. The possibility of living wirelessly gives us a freedom of movement and a comfort that we could not even imagine before. In an increasingly wireless world, wireless headphones have become fashionable and there has been such an avalanche of new models that deciding whether to buy a bluetooth headset or not can leave you more indecisive than Bambi in a fire. In Culturasonora we wanted to throw some water on the fire and we have prepared a comparative Bluetooth headphones with the best models on the market. For a couple of weeks we have been analyzing the performance of a few models of all price ranges to put it on a plate for you.

On the one hand we have the circumaural (over-ear) bluetooth headphones that completely surround our ear and are larger in size. On the other hand, there are supra-aural (on-ear) bluetooth headsets that sit on your ear instead of around it. Finally, there are also bluetooth in-ear headphones, which are inserted inside the ear and are small in size. But before we get started, let’s clarify some basic concepts that will undoubtedly help you when buying a Bluetooth headset.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Bluetooth Headset

The biggest advantage of Bluetooth headsets is their comfort. Wireless headphones give us freedom of movement without being constrained by a cable, so we can take our music elsewhere. Another advantage is that they are quite cool, and this is something emotional and subjective.

The biggest drawback is battery life. Their autonomy is a key factor in determining the price of the headphones. Another disadvantage is that Bluetooth audio is by definition compressed audio: the data is sent digitally from our mobile or tablet to our headphones, so the information has a lower resolution. If to this Bluetooth compression we add a low quality mp3 the result will be a pitiful quality. But don’t be left with a bad taste in your mouth. Bluetooth technology for headphones is making real progress in connectivity. Wireless data transmission to our headsets is being improved at lightning speed. In the following section we analyze the new improvements brought by the Bluetooth connection and the new data transmission codecs.

What are the differences between Bluetooth 3.1 and 4.2?

Traditional Bluetooth headsets have so far worked with Bluetooth 3.1. The problem is that the data transmission of this type of bluetooth headset limited the sound quality quite a bit. However, the new versions 4.0 and later (bluetooth 4.1, 4.2) incorporate improvements that allow a higher resolution: pairing with our devices, a wider dynamic range, speed, latency, and battery life have been greatly optimized. They are called Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy, and were launched in 2010. Their energy consumption is very low, and at the same time they guarantee a higher quality. The next step in this race for wireless connectivity development is Bluetooth 5.0. Although its applications remain to be seen, we know that the range is up to 4 times greater than Bluetooth 4.0. In addition, data transmission speed is multiplied along with energy savings. It will also be possible for many devices to connect to the same stream at the same time. A revolution in Bluetooth transmission.

Difference between Active Noise Cancellation and Passive Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a technology incorporated in some high-end bluetooth headsets that keeps external noise from reaching our ears. How do they do it? Very simple: by making those waves in the form of noise change direction. Bluetooth headsets have small microphones that pick up external noise and reverse the polarity of these waves. This causes external waves to be cancelled or cancelled, so that they do not mix with the music we are listening to at the time. This technology works especially well with constant, low background noises, such as an airplane engine or subway noise, while Passive Noise Cancellation is the same as Noise Isolation.

The materials of some headphones and their design block ambient sounds to some extent depending on the materials from which they are constructed. For example, the memory foam in which many ear cushions are made is particularly efficient at blocking mid-high frequencies. If you have any doubts you can visit our article on how active and passive noise cancellation works. We expand the information and support it with infographics.

Bluetooth headset connectivity: the aptX codec vs. other codecs

There are several ways to transmit data through a Bluetooth headset. This communication has been developing in recent years and has increased the quality and scope of transmissions. Nowadays the most common ways of transmitting information via Bluetooth are a series of codecs or algorithms found in most devices: SBC, AAC and aptX.

  • The SBC codec is a standard algorithm found in most devices. Its disadvantage is that it has a relatively high latency, and average compression quality.
  • On the other hand, the aptX codec allows us to transmit data via Bluetooth in high quality. In recent years this system has undergone many improvements that have improved the sound quality, and its latency is minimal (32 milliseconds). Thus, the aptX codec has no problems when using the Bluetooth 4.0 connection to bring CD and HD quality audio to our ears. It is one of the most efficient methods of wireless data transmission. The bad news is that aptX does not work with all devices. This is why Apple has developed an alternative that has recently started to be applied to wireless connections: the AAC codec.
  • The AAC Codec is Apple’ s alternative to aptX. Its function is very similar to that of aptX but offers an alternative focused especially on iOS devices.

If you are curious and want to see in depth the differences between these codecs you will be interested in this article that we have just taken out of the oven.

We also recommend you review our guide on how to improve headphone sound and connect Bluetooth headphones.

The best Bluetooth headsets:

Best Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

Bose 700

Solid and seductive design, excellent noise cancellation, touch controls.

Expensive, treble is not the best at maximum volume.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Type: Over Ear/Circumaural.
  • Battery: 20 hours.
  • Noise cancellation: Yes.

The Bose 700 are the best Bluetooth headphones the brand has released, although they are also quite expensive. They have a more modern and attractive design than the QuietComfort 35 II. The cups have the same oval shape, but the headband is thinner and extends to the outside of the cups.

Unfortunately they do not have a folding structure, but the cups rotate for easy transportation. They are lightweight, portable and come with a nice slim case.

They are very comfortable and resistant, although they are basically made of plastic. The cups have synthetic leather pads that feel good to the touch and cover the ears perfectly. The inside of the headband also features soft padding. They are perfect for use in long sessions and do not cause pressure or discomfort.

These bluetooth headsets integrate new touch controls that are very useful and easy to use. You just need to slide your finger on the right cup to change the volume or change songs or play. If you leave it pressed down, it tells you how much battery time you have. It also features additional buttons for Bluetooth connectivity/power and activating a personal assistant such as Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.


The most notable feature of the Bose 700 wireless headphones is their noise cancellation: the best on the market. The ANC technology slightly outperforms the Sony WH-1000XM3, but the differences are noticeable. They integrate eight microphones, six for noise cancellation, allowing you to choose from 11 levels of noise cancellation.

There is a button on the cup that allows you to choose between your three favorite levels, but you can also change them through the application. Level 0 allows you to hear ambient noise and level 10 offers the most intense sound isolation on the market.

They outperform the Bose QC 35 II wireless headphones in terms of sound quality. They integrate new drivers that deliver clear and defined audio at all frequencies. Bass is perceived as strong, mid tones have excellent presence and treble is clear, although somewhat cutting at high volumes.


These wireless headphones work with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and have a wireless range of up to 10 meters. They also integrate an auxiliary audio input for wired connection of your devices. Unfortunately they do not support the aptX codec.

The Bose Music app allows you to choose from 11 levels of noise cancellation and has very useful features. For example, the Conversation mode lets you listen to ambient noise at the touch of a button. The integrated microphones are excellent and allow you to make calls with a quality that is unique in the market .


The battery life of the Bose 700 Bluetooth headset is 20 hours with noise cancellation turned up to its maximum level. The performance is not the best on the market, but it is sufficient for anyone. In addition, the USB-C port allows you to charge them quickly. Only 15 minutes are enough to use them for three and a half hours.


The Bose 700 are the latest Bluetooth headphones from the brand. They are the best bluetooth headphones in terms of noise cancellation, they are comfortable and sound great. They are expensive, but if you are looking for a helmet to isolate yourself from the world, they are ideal. Find the best price on Amazon Spain. Interested? We have found the best price on this link.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3

Comfort, design, battery life, good finishes, NFC, sound quality at the height of Sennheiser.

Noise cancellation is not as good as the latest models from Bose and Sony.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Type: Over Ear/Circumaural
  • Battery life: 17 hours
  • Noise cancellation: Yes.

The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 headphones have a leather-covered stainless steel headband. Its finish is of good quality, as we are accustomed to Sennheiser, and its padded structure fits well to the head. They are comfortable, firm and sober. They are available in black, and the fact that they can be folded makes them even more portable. They maintain the same impeccable build quality of the previous model, but look more classic and elegant.

Integrated buttons allow you to control all aspects of playback, receive calls and operate personal assistants. They also have new features that make them one of the easiest headsets to use. For example, when you remove the bluetooth headset, playback automatically pauses.

The new Sennheiser Momentum WIreless headphones also do not need to resynchronize with your devices. When deployed, they are automatically switched on and synchronized with the recognized devices.


These bluetooth headphones are expensive, but their sound quality justifies the price. While the bass sounds tight and restrained, the mid and high frequencies have plenty of room to shine in your ears. The result is a warm and clear sound, far from the bass dominance and colored sound of other brands.

The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 tries to reproduce the sound without cheating and in the most noble and sincere way possible. Outperforms Momentum 2 in detail, pace and bass depth

The noise cancellation of the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 bluetooth headset is also better than the previous model. It is not as good as the Bose 700 or Sony WH-1000XM3, but honestly it is ideal for any user. They offer three levels of noise cancellation to suit any need. Max mode eliminates the most noise, Anti-Wind focuses on the wind and is smoother, and Anti-Pressure is our favorite mode.

It does not exert any pressure on the ears and maintains optimal sound quality. In addition, they have a function that allows you to listen to ambient sound when you need it.


The Sennheiser headphones reproduce audio via Bluetooth 5.0 using the aptX codec, which guarantees high-quality data transmission with very low latency. They can also be used in passive mode. That is, they have inputs to connect them by cable (included), which allows you to continue using them when you run out of battery.

These bluetooth headsets also feature built-in NFC connectivity, which facilitates pairing with other devices, such as smartphones. They integrate microphones that allow you to listen to ambient noise (very useful in a train station) and operate personal assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant.

They are not yet compatible with Alexa, but Sennheiser announced that in the next update they will integrate compatibility with Amazon’s assistant.


The battery of these wireless bluetooth headphones has an autonomy of 17 hours of continuous use with noise cancellation activity, although it may vary depending on the volume with which we use them. It is not the best battery on the market, but it is certainly more than enough for most users. Another positive feature of the new model is that it uses a USB-C port, so charging is very fast.


Highly recommended. Sennheiser brings a bluetooth headset that does justice to its name as a brand: solid, balanced, comfortable and stylish, making it definitely worth its high price. It is sure to please brand lovers who can afford it, and its performance makes it a really solid and efficient model, with an elegant and very attractive design.

That is why we consider them to be one of the best wireless headphones in their price range. Have we set your teeth on edge? Find the best prices on Amazon Spain.

The Momentum 2.0 Wireless Over-Ear and Momentum 2.0 On-Ear Wireless are cheaper, but they are not as comfortable, do not have the same sound quality and do not have the same noise cancellation technology.

Sony WH-1000XM5 bluetooth headphones

Comfortable, excellent sound quality, best noise cancellation on the market, intelligent controls, modern design.

A bit expensive.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Type: Over Ear/Circumaural
  • Battery: 30 hours
  • Noise cancellation: Yes.
  • Weight: 249 gr.

The Sony WH-1000 XM5 is the latest generation of one of the best Bluetooth headphones ever to hit the market. The new model features today’s best active noise cancellation and they sound great. They are incredible


The Sony WH-1000 XM5 are the best bluetooth circumaural headphones available. In termsof appearance, they have a new curvier and sleeker design. The XM5s are made from recycled ABS plastic from cars. Its new body reduces wind vibrations, has a thinner headband and causes less pressure.

Both the cups and the headband integrate a very soft and pleasant faux leather padding. They can be used for hours without causing any discomfort. They are more comfortable than the previous version. Unfortunately, they do not have a folding structure, but they do come with a quality carrying case to take them anywhere.

These Bluetooth headphones integrate physical buttons for powering on, wirelessly pairing the headphones and switching between noise cancellation modes. In addition, the outside of the right cup functions as a touch control that allows you to manage playback, change songs, activate your phone’s personal assistant, and turn the volume up or down.

They feature several attractive new functions. They integrate a sensor in each cup that automatically pauses playback when you remove your headphones. Playback also stops when the microphones pick up a voice so you can have a conversation without removing your headphones thanks to the Speak To Chat function.


The Sony WH-1000 XM5 bluetooth headphones offer really great sound quality, just like the previous version. They produce a very clear sound at all frequencies. The separation of the tonalities is remarkable and they offer a very good balance. The bass is deep but remains controlled, while the mids have a great presence and the treble is crisp.

The sound profile is warm and you can use them for hours without discomfort. In terms of sound quality, they are among the best wireless headphones you can get on the market. They integrate the new DSEE Extreme technology that restores the sound of compressed formats and work with the Sony LADC codec that allows you to transfer at a speed of up to 990 Kbps.

On the other hand, the Sony WH-1000 XM5 stands out for its new active noise cancellation technology. This model eliminates mid and high frequency noise better than any other model. This is due in part to the new 30mm transducers. They are smaller than the previous ones, but have a new dome that improves performance.

Noise-cancelling Bluetooth over-ear headphones usually do a decent job of eliminating low-frequency noise, but the Sony WH-1000 XM5 lets you completely isolate yourself in any environment. The noise cancellation technology is the best available today and automatically adjusts itself according to where you are.


They use Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and also have an input for an audio cable in case you don’t want to use the battery. In addition, they can be synchronized with two devices simultaneously.

Another notable feature of these wireless bluetooth headphones is that they integrate four microphones that allow you to use them as hands-free and activate Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant personal assistants. Support for personal assistants is improved in this version.

To get the most out of them you need to download the Sony headphones Connect application. Through the app you can access a graphic equalizer, adjust the sound to your personal taste, operate the 360 Reality Audio function and many other features.


The battery life of the Sony WH-1000 XM5 is excellent. It will last approximately 30 hours with noise cancellation on and 40 hours with ANC off. The capacity does not change much with respect to the previous model, but this is notable as it integrates several new functions.

In addition, only three minutes of charging are enough to use them for more than three hours. Best battery integrated among all Sony headphones


The Sony WH-1000 XM5 bluetooth headphones excel in all departments. These are the best wireless headphones we have tested. They integrate the best noise cancellation technology on the market and sound better than any other pair of wireless headphones.

They are comfortable and their battery offers great performance. We really can’t say anything negative about them: they are the kings among noise-cancelling headphones and are certainly among the best wireless headphones in terms of price-quality. We recommend that you visit this link to see the best prices on Amazon.

Bose Quietcomfort 45

auriculares bluetooth Bose Quietcomfort 45

Classic design, sound quality, excellent noise cancellation.

Nothing significant

Technical Characteristics:

  • Type: Over Ear/Supraural
  • Battery: 24 hours (ANC).
  • Noise cancellation: Yes

The Bose QuietComfort 45 is one of the best Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation. They are the latest model in the line and offer significant improvements over the QC 35 II: they integrate a higher performance battery, the sound is superior and they have the best ANC on the market.


All the Over Ear Bluetooth headphones in the QuietComfort line have dominated the market for their quality and this is the best model, hands down. The new QuietComfrot 45 Bluetooth headsets look very similar to the QC 35 II. They have a classic, minimalist design that departs from the Bose 700. These Bluetooth Over Ear headphones are available in black or white. As decoration, they only feature the brand’s logo on the cups.

They are one of the best wireless over ear headphones in terms of comfort. The cups and headband have padding that feels very soft to the touch and you can wear them for long sessions without discomfort. The cups cover your ears, but you can fold them to store the Bluetooth headphones in the case that comes in the package.


The Bose QuietComfrot 45 is one of the best Bluetooth headphones in terms of noise cancellation. The Bose QC 35IIs were already excellent, but the 45s surpass them in this regard. Most Bluetooth ANC headsets suffer from high-pitched noise, but these will completely isolate you in any environment.

In terms of sound quality, its performance is very close to the Bose QC 35II. They deliver well-balanced, warm and clear audio at all frequencies. That said, they integrate new technologies that improve bass and treble response, such as the so-called TriPort or VOlume Optimized Active EQ.

The instruments stand out for their detail and the bass, although deep, is kept in check. Audio remains clear at any volume level and does not distort. These Bluetooth headphones don’t offer the most faithful audio, as it favors bass a bit, but the profile is very pleasing.


The QC 45 has integrated physical controls that are very easy to operate. On the left cup you can choose between active noise cancellation or ambient mode, while on the right cup you can control playback, answer calls or change songs. These Bluetooth headphones support the best assistants on the market, such as Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa.

They work with Bluetooth 5.1 technology and have a wireless range of nine meters. They also stand out when making calls. They integrate four new microphones that work with innovative filters to reduce ambient noise. The clarity when making calls is amazing.


The battery that integrates these Bluetooth headphones is one of the best on the market. A full charge allows you to use them for 24 hours with active noise cancellation technology and 20 hours if used for conference calls only. Another positive point is that they charge very quickly: only 15 minutes of charging are enough to use them for three hours.


The Bose QC 45 wireless headphones integrate a great battery, offer some of the best noise-canceling technology on the market, are comfortable and look great. They sound great and allow you to control the personal assistant of your choice. They are one of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market. To see the best prices, click here.

We also recommend you check out the Bose Frames.

Shure AONIC 50

auriculares Bluetooth Shure

Expansive and rich sound, quality construction, good ANC.

They do not integrate touch controls and do not have an auto shut-off function.

Technical Characteristics:
  • Type: Over Ear/Circumaural
  • Battery: 20 hours
  • Noise cancellation: Yes.
  • Weight: 334 gr.

Shure has always been at the top of the microphone market. The most famous artists, such as The Beatles or Jimi Hendrix, always used his brand. That said, it took them quite a while to enter the Bluetooth headset market. The Aonic 50 comes to compete with the best models on the market. They offer excellent sound and very good active noise cancellation.


At first glance, the AONIC A50 looks like several of the best Bluetooth headphones. The leather and memory foam ear pads are removable and the headband also features excellent padding. The cups are made of a very resistant plastic and are connected to the band with aluminum arms. The cups rotate 90 degrees, allowing you to carry the helmets with ease.

They weigh approximately 334 grams and are very resistant. In addition, they come with a hard case that allows you to store the USB-C cables for charging and the 2.5mm-3.5mm audio cable. The right cup features the audio port for wired use and the charging port. It also features the power button that also allows you to sync them via Bluetooth with your device.

Each cup features the brand’s logo. They have a modern, elegant and subtle design, both in black or brown finishes. There are two sets of controls on the cups. The first allows you to manage volume, playback, change songs, answer calls and activate Google Assistant. With the second one you can turn on or off the active noise cancellation and ambient mode. The latter function amplifies external sounds so that you can carry on a conversation while wearing the Bluetooth headset.


The best thing about the Shure AOnic A50 Bluetooth headphones is the sound. The audio feels impeccably balanced, with an energetic sound full of subtle details. We tested them by playing different songs and noticed a natural and expressive sound.

The bass is deep, with excellent harmonic textures and details. The best: the control is impeccable. The mid-tones also stand out for their quality and detail, while the treble is perceived as clear and bright, without any negative effects.

The AONIC 50 delivers a dynamic sound with excellent spatiality for a closed headphone. The more complex parts are noticeably noticeable. They integrate 50mm dynamic drivers and work with a frequency response of 20-20kHz.


They work with Bluetooth 5 technology and have a very wide wireless range. With these Bluetooth headphones you can play any hi-fi format wirelessly, such as Tidal Masters MQA. It also supports aptX HD, LDAC and aptX Low Latency codecs.

The microphone picks up voice commands for the Google Assistant remarkably well. In addition, the call quality is the best on the market, something we have come to expect from Shure.

The ambient mode can be set in ten different levels using the ShurePlus Play application. As for noise cancellation, only the normal and maximum levels are available. It does not offer the different levels of other models, but the ANC is excellent. With the app you can also equalize the sound profile to your personal taste.


The Shure AONIC 50 has a built-in battery that lasts up to 20 hours. You can take them on any plane or train trip without having to worry about the load, although it is not the best capacity on the market.


Shure is the world’s leading microphone company. Their brand is synonymous with trust and this shows in the AONIC 50 Bluetooth headphones. They are comfortable, have excellent build quality and the sound is great. They are one of the best Bluetooth over ear headphones you can get.

The noise cancellation does not have as many levels as the best models from Bose or Sony, but it works perfectly. That said, it is not the most affordable model on the list. Find the best price on Amazon Spain.

JBL Club One

auriculares Bluetooth JBL

Comfortable, excellent ANC, sound quality.

Treble is not the best, tough competition.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Type: Over Ear,
  • Battery life: 45 hours.
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Weight: 379.

The JBL Club One looks and sounds as good as the best Bluetooth headphones on the market. They are an excellent alternative if you are looking for a different option to the high-end models from Sony and Bose.


JBL’s Club One are all-black, yet have a distinctive and very attractive design. They weigh 379 grams, butare very comfortable, even during long sessions. The cups have leather-finished memory foam ear cushions that feel great. In addition, the headband also features premium padding.

The cups are made of hard plastic and are attached to the headband with metal reinforcements that allow you to adjust the band according to your needs.

The build quality is excellent and they feel very durable. They fit any wearer well, stay in place and do not cause uncomfortable pressure. When not in use, they can be folded for easy transport. They have a minimalist design. The cups feature the brand’s logo in black and do not integrate unnecessary ornaments. They are a discreet and attractive headset.

The purchase package comes with a hard case, a USB-C cable for charging, a 1 meter audio cable with in-line remote control and an additional coiled 3.5mm cable. Both cables accept the included 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter. In addition, they also come with a flight adapter.


The Club One’s 40mm dynamic drivers offer a high quality sound . We tested them playing different formats and perceived an organized sound with a good spatiality. The bass has depth, strength and good textures. It outperforms several competing models in terms of substance and speed to naturally reproduce bass.

The mid-tones are faithfully perceived and you can enjoy all the emotionality of the voices, with remarkable details. The treble is crisp, although it does not stand out in the mix. That said, you can equalize the sound with the My JBL Headphones app.

As for noise cancellation, these Bluetooth headphones stand out for their adaptive system. Instead of offering different levels, it only presents the off and on options. That said, when you turn on the ANC the built-in microphones monitor ambient noise about 50,000 times per second to adjust the noise cancellation. Really, the ANC works like a charm.


The Club One works with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It can play high-definition formats from any online streaming service. On the other hand, you can sync these Bluetooth headsets with two devices simultaneously, although you can only listen to one source at a time, of course. The Club One also lets you operate Amazon and Google personal assistants to access all the smart features they offer.

The right cup features the USB-C input for charging, a 3.5mm port for wired use and controls to manage volume and playback. On the left cup we find the controls for power on, Bluetooth synchronization and a button for the ambient function that allows you to listen to external noise when you deem it necessary.


JBL claims that the battery of these Bluetooth headphones yields up to 45 hours of continuous playback using Bluetooth technology and 23 hours with active noise cancellation. If you use them with a cable and the ANC active, they yield approximately 25 hours. Full charge takes a couple of hours and 15 minutes of charging is enough for several hours of playback. It is one of the best batteries and outperforms almost all of the competition.


The JBL Club One has only been on the market for a short time, but it already ranks as one of the best cheap Bluetooth headphones you can buy. They look attractive, are rugged, integrate a high-performance battery and sound great. To see the best prices on Amazon, click here.

Best Bluetooth On Ear Headphones

Marshall MID

Quality design, good battery performance, excellent mid-tones.

The bass is not as powerful, presenting a bit of noise when used hardwired.

Technical Characteristics:
  • Type: On Ear/Supraural
  • Battery: 30 hours
  • Noise cancellation: No.
  • Weight: 226 gr.

The Marshall MID are excellent bluetooth headphones that integrate the iconic design of the famous guitar amplifiers. Despite their sleek body, build and sound quality, they are available for a very competitive price. They compete with the best models of Bose, AKG, Sennheiser and all recognized brands.


Marshall MIDs maintain the look and feel of Marshall amplifiers, but are very practical. They are a good size, standard for On-Ear bluetooth headsets, have a foldable structure and are lightweight. The cups and headband are covered by a leather texture that is pleasant to the touch and the iconic signature appears on both cups in white, with some golden details that seek to emulate the brand’s classic potentiometers. A multifunction button on the left cup allows you to control volume and playback .

The leather covering these Marshall bluetooth headphones is not real and is made of a synthetic material, but the same goes for the amplifiers. They are comfortable and fit snugly on the head. However, the band pressure starts to cause some discomfort after about an hour. The cup pads are very soft and of better quality than many other more expensive helmets. They come with a detachable audio cable of excellent quality and durability. They are also available in a more expensive but excellent version with active noise cancellation.


The Marshall MID Bluetooth offer powerful bass, like most portable headphones, but feel controlled and somewhat reserved when compared to Beats, for example. The bass of each Marshall bluetooth headset is better integrated into the mix and does not overshadow the other tonalities. They offer a well-balanced sound profile with details that rival the best Sennheiser and Sony models.

These bluetooth headphones integrate 40mm drivers that produce a robust and clear sound at all frequencies. The highs and mids stand out compared to other models in the same price range thanks to their clarity and good detail. The basses are not out of control and are perceived as deep, while the vocals appear with a smooth and well-defined character. Overall, they offer a very clear and high-quality sound, although they do not provide much dynamism or the richness of sound of the Sony WH-1000XM3. Another negative point is that they can produce an annoying noise when used wired.


The Marshall MID integrates everything you need in a wireless headset. They use Bluetooth technology, have a standard range of connectivity and support the aptX codec that allows you to stream high-fidelity music. They also feature microphones with passive noise cancellation technology to answer calls clearly.

A unique feature of these bluetooth headphones is that they integrate a 3.5mm input for when the battery is running low that also allows you to share the music you listen to with other headsets.


These wireless bluetooth headphones integrate a battery that lasts up to 30 hours at medium volumes. They are charged via the included micro-USB cable that plugs into the right cup.


The Marshall MID Bluetooth are stylish, have excellent build quality and offer quite good sound quality. They are cheaper than the Beats Solo 3, for example, and feature more controlled bass.

They’re not the best wireless headphones in the sound department, but they’re pretty good. They also feature the company’s iconic design. Interested? Check out the best prices on Amazon .

They are also available in a version with active noise cancellation. These are more expensive but their price is justified.

Beats Solo Pro

auriculares con cancelacion de ruido Beats

Its connectivity with IOS and its long battery life. Powerful bass for listening to hip hop or electronica, active noise cancellation.

Somewhat expensive, the sound is not as good as other mid-high end headphones.

Technical Characteristics:
  • Type: On Ear/Supraural
  • Battery: 22 hours
  • Noise cancellation: Yes.

The Beats Solo Pro are the company’s new noise-canceling headphones, better than the Beats Solo 3. They are designed to compete with the best ANC helmets on the market. They deliver quality audio with strong bass and good balance.


The Beats Solo Pro wireless Bluetooth headphones feature the recognizable (and trendy) Beats by Dr. Dre design. The headband of the headphones is redesigned and the arms feature an attractive and durable aluminum frame. They feel more comfortable than the Solo 3 Wireless and can be worn for long sessions without causing discomfort. They have a foldable structure and an On-Ear design. You can take them anywhere and they come with a carrying case.

On the right cup we find the control panel. The Beats logo functions as a multifunction button to control playback, activate Siri and answer calls. It also allows you to change songs and manage the volume. The left cup integrates a button to access noise cancellation or Transparency technology.


The Beats brand is well known for coloring the sound of its headphones and boosting the bass a bit too much. However, this is not a problem we are going to find in the Beats Solo Pro. Their sound is crisp and the bass frequencies are balanced.

The bass emphasis of the previous model has been improved. Bass is perceived as deep but controlled and overall the mix is very well achieved. The treble is crisp and the mids have a good presence. Bass- and bass-dominant music listeners will enjoy this signature Beats sound, but they can satisfy any user.

The cups themselves reduce ambient noise considerably and the active noise cancellation is very solid. The ANC technology does produce a bit of noise at times, but it’s not annoying at all. The Solo Pro also integrates microphones that work perfectly for making calls. They also feature Transparency mode that allows you to hear the environment around you without having to remove your headphones.


They are good bluetooth headphones for iPhone mobiles. The connectivity of these wireless music headphones revolves around Apple’ s new H1 chip that allowsinstant connection with iOS devices, reduces latency and supports the latest Bluetooth technology. They do not have an auxiliary audio input, but this is to be expected since Apple removed these inputs from its devices.


Another strong point of the Beats Solo Pro bluetooth headphones: they have a battery life of about 40 hours without noise cancellation and 22 hours with the technology activated. The capacity decreases if you use high volumes, but it is still amazing.


The Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones have a very attractive finish and a truly efficient autonomy and connectivity. Sound quality is improved over previous models and its noise cancellation is very solid. Although not suitable for all budgets, it is a good option for those who can afford them and like the kind of sound offered by the Beats brand. Find the best prices in this link.

If you’re an Apple user, we also recommend you check out the new AirPods Max, the company’s first noise-canceling over-ear headphones.

Best Bluetooth In Ear Headphones

Beats Powerbeats Pro

auriculares bluetooth Powerbeats Pro

Its comfort and versatility. Surround sound. Perfect for sports in almost any environment.

They do not have active noise cancellation.

Technical Characteristics:
  • Type: In Ear/Supraural.
  • Battery life: 9 hours
  • Noise cancellation: No.

The new Powerbeats Pro Bluetooth headphones fit snugly in the ear and stay in place no matter what activity you’re doing. They come with four different sized pads and hooks to fit anyone. They have a unique design that minimizes pressure and improves bass performance. They are also IPX4 sweat and splash proof.

This new model is much more stable than the Powerbeats 3 and is also completely wireless. Like the best True Wireless headphones, they come with a case that doubles as a charging port.


Its structure guarantees surround sound in almost any environment. They have a very efficient isolation in spite of not having noise cancellation. The audio quality is clear, powerful and dynamic. This is transferred to the quality of calls: we will have no problem talking through its integrated microphone, even if we are exercising at high speed (running, cycling, crossfit …).

Like all Beats headphones, they deliver strong bass. However, the sound profile of the Powerbeats Pro is very well balanced. The mix has a V-profile that favors bass and treble, ideal for exercising.


They integrate the new H1 chip to speed up the connection with IOS devices, although they work perfectly well with any type of Bluetooth connection. Connectivity with iOS devices is impeccable, as is the stability of the wireless connection with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. In addition, they support the Siri personal assistant and allow you to make calls with good clarity.


The autonomy of the Powerbeats Pro is about 9 hours. Not surprisingly, but the case gives you three additional charges, giving you a total of 24 hours. More than enough for ultra marathons.


Despite being somewhat expensive, the Powerbeats Pro wireless bluetooth in ear headphones may be worth the money if you are looking for one of the best options in terms of Bluetooth headphones for sports. They are comfortable, efficient, practical and powerful like few others on the market. They are definitely one of the best options in this comparison… To see the best prices on Amazon, click here.

If you need a more affordable sports headset, we recommend the excellent Jaybird X4 and the inexpensive Holyhigh.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless II

Good design, aptX, IPX4 certification, active noise cancellation.

They are more expensive than the Sony, not very comfortable for users with small ears.

Technical Characteristics:
  • Type: In Ear/Supraural.
  • Battery: 7 hours (28 with charger).
  • Noise cancellation: Yes.
  • Weight: 12 gr (both cups).

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is one of the best Bluetooth True Wireless headphones on the market. They cost a little more than the Sony, but integrate a better battery and IPX4 certification. They offer very good sound and fairly decent noise cancellation.


The Momentum True Wireless 2 look almost the same as the previous model: sleek and attractive. The only difference in the minimalist design is that they are smaller and feature recesses for the new noise cancellation microphones. They come with an equally stylish case that doubles as a charging port.

They integrate touch controls that allow you to activate a personal assistant, activate ANC technology and manage playback. They also integrate the Transparent Hearing function that allows you to hear ambient noise, which is useful in environments such as airports or train stations.

They can be a bit annoying if you have small ears, but most users find these Bluetooth headphones to be quite comfortable. They come with four pads of different sizes and are IPX4 protected. They resist dust, sweat and raindrops, so you can use them to exercise.


The sound quality offered by the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless II is quite good, one of the best among the True Wireless cases. They integrate 7mm drivers that offer a well-balanced and clear sound in all frequencies.

Bass is perceived as deep and strong, but controlled. Mid and high tones are clear and maintain good detail. The WF-X1000XM3 are a bit more faithful, but the Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones offer a very pleasant and perfect sound to enjoy any genre of music.


The Sennheiser Momentum True Wirelesses II Bluetooth headphones work with the new Bluetooth 5.1 technology. The wireless connectivity range is quite wide and the connection stability is remarkable. The synchronization process is very easy, you just need to take them out of the case and your device will recognize them.

They support the aptX codec that allows you to enjoy high-resolution formats via Bluetooth. They also integrate several very useful functions. For example, playback automatically pauses when you remove one of the cups and restarts when you put it back on. They use the Sennheiser Smart Control application that allows you to enjoy various settings and change the configuration of the controls.


The battery that integrates these Bluetooth headphones Sennheiser yields about seven hours, a capacity significantly better than the previous version. In addition, the charging case gives you an additional 21 hours. The case charges through a USB-C port and integrates a light that tells you the battery status.


Sennheiser Momentum True WIreless headphones offer great sound, comfort and durability. They integrate a fairly decent noise cancellation and are very versatile.. They are more expensive than the Sony, but their price is justified by the IPX4 certification. Have you got your teeth set on edge? Find the best prices on Amazon.

The JBL Tune 120s are a good, more affordable option, although they are not IP certified.

Sony WF-1000XM4

Great sound, top active noise cancellation, comfortable, many functions.

They do not support the aptX codec.

Technical Characteristics:
  • Type: In Ear/Supraural.
  • Noise cancellation: Yes.
  • Battery life: 8 hours with ANC (additional 16 hours with the case).

This is the In-Ear version of the Sony WH-1000XM4 bluetooth headphones. They offer incredible sound that approaches the large version, market-leading noise cancellation and are very comfortable. This new update improves all important aspects with respect to the previous model.


The new version of Sony’s best Bluetooth In-Ear headphones features significant improvements over the previous version. They have a new, more rounded design that fits better in the ear canal. In addition, they come with new pads (S, M, L) made of polyurethane that improve the seal and stability of the helmets.

They can be used in prolonged sessions without causing any discomfort. They are really comfortable. On the other hand, they are IPX4 certified against splashes so you can use them for exercising.

This version integrates new DACs, analog amplifiers and the new V1 processor. This means improved sound quality and active noise cancellation technology over the previous model. Active noise cancellation is the best we’ve tested in a True Wireless Bluetooth headset


The sound quality is certainly remarkable for a True Wireless Bluetooth headset. The sound profile is very similar to that of the WH-1000XM4, which is surprising. The audio is clear and with excellent detail at all frequencies. It is easy to identify the different instruments in the mix as the spatiality is remarkable.

The bass is remarkably deep, but does not overshadow the other frequencies. The strength and textures of the bass stand out from the competition. That said, the mid and high tones maintain good presence and clarity. Moreover, you can use them at high volumes without perceiving any distortion. They perform very well to enjoy any musical genre with good details. They really excel in this department.


The Sony WF-1000XM4s use Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and allow you to control Google’s personal assistant. The app they use is intuitive and gives you access to many useful features, such as controlling noise cancellation and Ambient Sound mode.

They do not support the aptX codec, but work with Sony’s LDAC format that allows you to transmit 24-bit data at up to 990kbps. We perceived very low latency when playing music wirelessly. They integrate Sony’s DSEE HX technology that improves the quality of highly compressed audio formats.


The company claims that the battery lasts eight hours with the ANC technology activated and 12 hours if you do not use noise cancellation. The capacity is pretty decent and they also come with a charging case/port that gives you an additional 16 hours or 24 if you don’t use the ANC. The case has a USB-C port and you can also charge them with a wireless charger, or any Qi compatible pad.


The Sony WF1000XM4 are really great. They integrate excellent active noise cancellation, are attractive, comfortable and sound great, almost as good as the Over-Ear version. They are excellent in all departments and are available for a very attractive price. Have you got your teeth set on edge? Find the best prices on Amazon.

Beats Studio Buds

cascos bluetooth Beats Studio Buds

Value for money, ANC, good sound, comfortable, resistant.

The clarity of the calls is not the best.

Technical Characteristics:
  • Type: In Ear/Supraural.
  • Battery: 5 hours, additional 15 hours with case.
  • Noise cancellation: Yes.

The new Beats Studio Buds are the latest Bluletooth True Wireless headphones to be released by the company. They integrate active noise cancellation, are water resistant, comfortable, support Spatial Audio codecs, Dolby Atmos and have a great price-performance ratio.


Beats Studio Buds are excellent and available for a very attractive price. For this reason, they can be considered the best True Wireless Bluetooth headphones available today. These are our favorite Beeats Bluetooth headphones since they released the PowerBeats Pro.

The cups are very small and come with an equally compact carrying case/base. The case has an attractive shape similar to that of the Pixel Buds. It integrates LED indicators, plus the USB-C port for charging.

Each cup features a tactile control panel that is elevated for improved fit without the need for additional hooks. The fit feels secure and they are IPX4 certified. They are not fully waterproof, but you can use them to work out or wear them in any environment.

They come with three silicone pads of different sizes. We would have liked them to bring more, but all three cover the needs of almost anyone.


We tested these wireless headphones using Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos in Apple Music. You can’t enjoy lossless audio on the platform, due to Bluetooth compression, but they sound great with the new codecs. The spatiality is truly remarkable for an in-ear Bluetooth headset.

The basses are punchy, but do not overshadow the other tonalities. The sound profile is well balanced. All frequencies maintain a good presence and details are very decent.. You can enjoy them for hours without getting tired.

The active noise cancellation technology they integrate is decent, but does not compare to the best models, such as the Sony WH or the Bose True Wireless. They perform well in environments such as offices, but do not dampen the noise of airplanes or trains.


Studio Buds are designed to be used with any device, Android or iOS. The process to synchronize them with a mobile device is very simple, you just need to take them out of the case and they will appear on the screen. They work with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and the wireless range is wide.

We regret that they do not integrate the H1 chip that other Apple wireless headphones come with, as some synchronization functions with other Apple products are lost. That said, the chip is very versatile and allows you to use apps like Find My Device on iOS or Android devices. This is very useful as the hulls are very small.

They integrate decent indoor microphones. Unfortunately, the ambient noise is a nuisance when making outdoor calls.


The battery in this Bluetooth headset has a battery life of approx.inco hours of continuous playback. In addition, the case provides you with three additional full chargesfor a total of 20 hours. The capacity is quite decent, but not the best on the market. They charge through the USB-C port and the charging process is very fast. Unfortunately, they cannot be charged wirelessly.


The Beats Studio Buds offer a rich and lively sound, very pleasant. The sound quality is excellent for its price and the ANC is decent. They are also very comfortable and durable Bluetooth headsets. They are one of the best Bluetooth True Wireless headphones on the market for their value for money. Interested? Find the best price on this link.

Final Conclusion. The best bluetooth headset.

Throughout this Bluetooth headset comparison we have analyzed and explained different models of Bluetooth headsets. As users we can adjust to the models that best suit our needs. The main thing to consider when deciding is what type of headset you want: supra-aural, circumaural or in-ear. Based on this, the most important factor is the budget.

If we are willing to spend on quality we find options that are at the technological forefront when it comes to Bluetooth connections. From the Bose 700 to the Sennheiser Momentum 3, Bose QC 45, Shure AONIC 50, JBL Club One or the Sony WH-1000XM5, we must pay attention to details that will make the difference as consumers: noise cancellation, autonomy and sound quality.

For sports headphones, the Powerbeats Pro will do wonders for anyone who can afford them. The Sennheiser True Wireless II, Beats Studio Buds and Sony WF-1000XM4 are versatile and offer excellent sound quality for an in-ear headset.

The Beats Solo Pro are a bit pricey, but their design stands out, they have noise cancellation and feature a well-balanced sound, with very strong bass. In terms of quality/price ratio we highlight the Marshall and Audio-Technica. As we have seen, good features and performance are assured in all the models in the comparison.

If you are looking for more affordable models you can also check out our list of the best cheap Bluetooth headphones and the best AKG headphones on the market. We also recommend you to check out the best PS5 headsets of the year.

#TOP1: Sony WH-1000XM5

The Sony WH-1000XM are the bluetooth headphones that we use in the Culturasonora editorial office on a daily basis. How could we not recommend them! And we’ve had our asses handed to us by testing all kinds of models and brands. But this year’s winners in both the bluetooth headphones and noise cancellation categories remain the WH-1000XM. Try them and see for yourself their dynamic range, treble clarity and good low-frequency performance. In terms of connectivity, it has all the extras.

Editor’s recommendation


Technical characteristics of bluetooth headphones


Bose 700OVER EAR20H.255 gr
Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3OVER EAR17H.304 gr SÍ.
Sony WH-1000XM5OVER EAR30H.249 gr Sí.
Shure AONIC 50OVER EAR20H.334 grSí.
Marshall MIDON EAR30H.226 grSí (depende de la versión).
Beats Solo ProON EAR22H.215 gr SÍ.
Bose QuietComfort 45OVER EAR24H.296 gr SÍ.
JBL Club OneOVER EAR 45H.18 gr No.
Beats Powerbeats ProIN EAR9H.379 grSÍ.
Beats Studio BudsIN EAR6HSÍ.
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless IIIN EAR7H.12 gr (ambas copas) SÍ.
Sony WF-1000XM3IN EAR8H.- SÍ.

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