Astro A50: Astro Gaming A50 Headset Review




Wireless, great headphone sound quality, good dolby response, extended battery life (15 hours), PC compatibility on both models (PS4 and Xbox One).


Bulky and somewhat heavy, 6 hours for full battery charge.

Astro A50 specifications:

  • Compatible with: Pc/MAC, Playstation 4, Xbow (depends on model).
  • Connectivity: Wired or Wireless 5 GHz.
  • Battery:15 hours.
  • Weight: 380 grams

The company releases a new Astro A50 upgrade every year and always presents improvements. The 2019 A50s are more comfortable and sound even better than the previous version. This Astro Gaming model has become fashionable thanks to well-known youtubers who wear them in their videos and put them through the roof. In terms of sound quality, this is the best gaming headset you can find.

They offer really good audio quality. This, together with an interesting charging station both in design and practicality, long battery life and PC compatibility for all console models, makes us understand why they have become one of Astro Gaming’s flagship devices.

Astro A50 review: Design and build quality

One of the first things that strikes you about the Astro A 50 helmets is their design. They look like professional gaming headsets at first glance and have an attractive futuristic style. However, Astro has moved away from flashy colors. The new A50s are presented in all-black, which gives them a more classic look.

The Over-Ear earmuffs are attached to the headband by two powerful metal tubes. This headband, while not bad, seems to have been made lighter so as not to increase the overall weight of the Astro A50 helmets.

The headband on the previous model was difficult to adjust, but this has also been improved on the 2019 Astro A50s. They can be worn for hours without causing pressure on the head and the pads of the cups and band feel soft

The cup pads feel good to the touch, but get warm after a couple of hours. The good thing is that they are removable and you can change them for synthetic leather ones that attenuate external noise better (not included). We would have liked them to come in the purchase package considering the price, but it is not a very significant contra.

Astro A50s are not designed for outdoor use, so it is not a good idea to use them for running, as you will notice a very uncomfortable rocking.

Although they have ventilation, which is appreciated, this in turn produces a noticeable sound leakage to the outside. Clearly, the ideal use for these headphones is in the small realm of your bedroom.

Controls and software

Controls come on the right headset, with buttons for power, equalization, volume control and Dolby, plus a micro-USB port for charging that you’re sure not to use thanks to the wireless charging dock.

It also features two buttons (voice and game) that allow you to independently adjust the voices and game audio when connecting the Astro A50 to a PC. The microphone is located in the right cup and has a very practical feature: when it is raised to its non-use position, it is automatically muted.

Last year’s firmware had some problems, but it works perfectly with the new Astro A50s. As always, it is advisable to make sure you have a stable connection and download it from Astro’s official site.

Once you have downloaded the program you will need to connect your headphones to access a series of modes and settings. These include different equalization presets, microphone settings and level adjustment. Astro’s software allows you to adjust the sound to your personal taste and the need of the game.

Sound quality

The sound of the Astro A 50 stands out among gaming and PS4 headsets. The main reason? The details they offer in the mid-mid and low-high sound frequencies. This translates into a very good definition of voices, which stand out among strident musical arrangements and FX sounds of all kinds of games.

In addition, they feature the Dolby Surround format, which enables the Astro A50 headphones to deliver 7.1 digital mixes of simulated surround sound, especially to enhance your performance in, for example, shooting and action games.

Bass is perceived as deep and controlled. Many cheaper gaming headsets offer very loud bass that is annoying in the long run. The fourth-generation Astro A 50s have an impeccably balanced sound profile. In addition, the microphone performance is also great. It is a unidirectional, noise-attenuating microphone that picks up voices with remarkable clarity.

Asro A50 charging base

Battery and charging system

The Astro A50 helmets feature a unique battery charging system. It is an Astro A50 charging base designed to place the headphones on it and start charging instantly. How to charge the Astro A50? You can leave the Astro A50 headphones charging whenever you’re not using them, without any cables in the way.

The negative point?

This system takes between 5 and 6 hours to make a complete recharge from scratch. The bright spot? The battery life is about 15 hours of uninterrupted use.

The Astro A50 charging dock also integrates multiple connections: optical audio inputs and outputs, an auxiliary input, a USB-A port for charging and a microUSB port for connecting to a PC. It also integrates a switch to switch between PC and PS4 modes. If you have an Xbox you can purchase the Astro A50 designed for this console.

Astro A50 headphones

Astro Gaming A50 Headset Conclusion

It depends on your priorities. The Astro A50 headphones are wireless headphones with great sound. They are designed to play in the comfort of your room, with a top audio experience among its competitors. The design is quite cool and they are quite comfortable. They are a very good gaming headset, but expensive. Interested? Find the best prices in this link.

If you are looking for a more affordable model, we recommend the Corsair and Logitech G430 headsets. Also the excellent SteelSeries Nova Pro Wireless, Astro A40 TR and JBL Quantum One.

Technical characteristics Astro A50:

Especificaciones técnicasAstro A50 Wireless
Tipo de auricularOver Ear
Sonido envolvente7.1 (simulado)
Respuesta en frequencia20Hz - 20,000Hz
CompatibilidadPc/MAC, Playstation 4, Xbow (depende del modelo)
Batería15 horas
Rango inalámbrico9 metros
Peso360 g
Dimensiones215 x 107 x 29 mm

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