Homscam QCY Headset: Meet the cheapest and most popular True Wireless headset on the market.

Homscam QCY Headset



Inexpensive, splash-proof, good microphones, portable carrying case


Autonomy leaves something to be desired, they do not have USB-C port

Features Homscam QCY Headset:

  • Type: In-Ear.
  • Weight: 4 .6 grams each cup (40 grams with case).
  • Battery: 4 hours (20 hours with case).
  • Water protection: IPX4.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0.

True Wireless, like the Homscam QCY headphones, have become the most popular models on the market. They offer unsurpassed versatility. Their compact design, autonomy and resistance to dust and splashes make them an ideal everyday companion. Until recently, In-Ear headsets did not offer sound quality comparable to Over-Ear or On-Ear models, but this has changed over time. Today we can enjoy rich audio with the freedom of movement offered by True Wireless.

There are excellent models such as the Apple AirPods or the Sony WF, but they cost quite a lot of money. The QCY headphones we review here stand out for offering great quality for a very low price. It is difficult to choose a cheap Bluetooth headset given the availability of different brands and models, but after testing the Homscam QCY we recommend them without a second thought. They separate themselves from the competition thanks to their connectivity, ruggedness, microphones and ease of use.

Homscam QCY headset

Homscam QCY headset design

In terms of design, the QCY Bluetooth headphones are in line with the best True Wireless headphones. They have a minimalist, modern and elegant style. They are available in black or white and are made of durable plastic. They come in a teardrop shape, fit snugly on the ears and are small, so they don't stand out too much or draw attention to themselves.

Each cup weighs only 4.6 grams and after using them for a few minutes you forget you are wearing them. They are not as comfortable as Bluetooth Over-Ear headphones in long sessions, but you can use them for a few hours without them causing any discomfort.

They are IPX4 certified against splashes and dust, so they are perfect for wearing at the gym or while running. They come with three different sized ear tips to fit any ear size. These are not noise-cancelling headphones, but the seal they create passively isolates you from external noise. You can use them at home to watch movies or listen to music, on the street or in the office to enjoy your favorite music without being too distracted by the environment.

We tested them with the middle pads and they stayed secure and comfortable, even when running or jumping. They do not cause uncomfortable pressure and the ergonomic design is very well achieved. The Homscam QCY Bluetooth headphones are very lightweight, but feel rugged. Sure they can withstand a few drops, although the fit is so good you won't have to worry about it. That said, you will need to take care of them so that the exterior does not get scratched.

Homscam QCY Headset Accessories

Like the best True Wireless headsets, they come with a case that serves as a charging base. The case is compact and open, very easy to use. The case with the Homscam QCY headset weighs only 40 grams.

The cups are held in place by magnets that secure them in place. We would have liked the base to be closed for safety, but this design allows you to remove them more quickly. In addition, it has a very small size that allows you to store QCY helmets in any pocket.

The purchase package includes the basic and necessary accessories. Inside the box well protected by plastic we find:

  • Three pads of different sizes (S, M and L).
  • The two True Wireless headphones.
  • The carrying case/charging base.
  • USB cable for charging.
  • User's manual.

Controls and functions

In terms of features, the Homscam QCY Bluetooth headset is very basic and pragmatic. They feature a multi-function button on both cups that allow you to control playback, pause, change tracks and answer or hang up calls. The button occupies the entire outside of the cups. It can be a little annoying if you press the earphone too hard as it enters the ear canal, but if you touch them gently you will not have any problems.

They don't have the advanced noise cancellation technologies like the Sony-WF1000XM3 or AirPods, but they are much cheaper and give you what you need. Another very useful feature of the QCY Bluetooth headphones is that you can use both cups independently. This is very useful if you are driving the car and in other situations as it allows you to listen to ambient noise to avoid accidents.

true wireless helmet cups

Homscam QCY headset connectivity

They work with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This version has a transfer rate double that of versions 4.1 and 4.2. It offers up to four times the connectivity range and flawless stability. We tested them at 10 meter distances and had no problems whatsoever. In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect several devices simultaneously.

When you take the Homscam QCY headset out of the case you just need to search for the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone, and select the QCY option. Once paired, you only need to take the Homscam QCY headset out of the case to start using it. They automatically synchronize and turn on when removed from the charging base. If you wish to turn them off, you only need to press and hold the button for a few seconds or place them in the case. To synchronize them with other equipment, you must also press the button until the integrated LED lights blink.

They integrate a microphone in each cup and work with CVC technology. They do not have active noise cancellation, but they allow you to make clear calls in any environment. To answer or hang up a call you only need to press the multifunction button. The Homscam QCY Bluetooth headset is very basic in terms of features, but offers all the essentials you need.

Battery life

Each cup of the Homscam QCY headset integrates a 43mAh battery. It yields about 4 hours of continuous playback or making calls. It is not a remarkable capacity, but considering its price, size and weight it is quite decent. In addition, with the case you can charge them four more times for a total autonomy that is close to 20 hours, not bad at all.

The case is charged with a micro-USB port. We regret that it does not have a USB-C port for faster charging (2 hours). However, we can't complain too much as they are really cheap.

Sound quality

The sound offered by the Homscam QCY Bluetooth headphones is quite decent. It's hard to find a cheap Bluetooth headset that sounds good, but the QCYs do. They offer comparable audio to the Holyhigh, another affordable model we love.

The bass is strong and all frequencies are perceived as clear. They don't compare to more expensive headphones in terms of sonic detail, but for the price they are very good. We tested them by playing music from our MP3 player and some songs from Spotify. The performance is not outstanding, but if you are not a very demanding audiophile you will be satisfied.

You can use them to listen to music, watch videos and play games. The latency of the Homscam QCY headset is lower than any other model in this price range. The sound spatiality is not as good, although this is to be expected in a cheap In-Ear headset. Unfortunately they do not have an application to equalize the sound, but the sound profile is very well balanced.

They are inexpensive and reliable helmets. They also have microphones that stand out. CVC 6.0 (Clear Voice Capture) technology significantly reduces external noise when making calls. However, it does not compare to real active noise cancellation and we recommend that you make your calls in a quieter environment.

HOmscam QCY Bluetooth headphones
cheap true wireless helmets


The QCYs are a great inexpensive True Wireless headset. They offer you the freedom of wireless headsets for a ridiculously low price. They are attractive and compact. They are made of plastic, but feel rugged and are IP certified against splashes and dust. You can wear them to the gym, while running, in the office or at home. They are very light and feel comfortable. After a few minutes you even forget you are wearing them.

The purchase package comes with three pads of different sizes for any user's needs. They are designed to fit snugly in the ear and stay in place. Unlike other high-end models, the controls of the Homscam QCY headphones are very simple. Each cup has a multifunction button that allows you to manage all playback options.

They use Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and work well up to 10 meters away from the audio source. They also feature CVC technology that reduces ambient noise when making calls.

In short, the Homscam QCY Bluetooth headset offers a lot and costs very little. The only negative is that the autonomy is not remarkable, but if we count the additional charges of the case they offer you 20 hours in total. If you are looking for a cheap wireless bluetooth headset, the Homscam QCY is perfect. Interested? Find the best price on Amazon Spain.

Opinions about Homscam QCY Bluetooth headsets

This model is one of the most popular cheap Bluetooth headsets on the market. Thousands of users have obtained them through Amazon and the vast majority have been amazed with these helmets. Most agree that they offer excellent value for money. With over 1,000,000 ratings, they have a 4 out of 5 star rating, which means they are very reliable. Among the outstanding reviews on Amazon Spain we find the following:

  • Luigi: “Practical and the quality/price ratio is quite good”.
  • Ángel Luis Mendaña García: “They do not hold well when you are moving and can fall off”.
  • Amazon customer: “Poor sound quality, other cheap models, such as SoundPeats, are good competition.”

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Especificaciones técnicasHomscam QCY
ConectividadBluetooth 5.0
Cancelación de ruidoNo
Peso4.6 gramos cada copa (40 gramos con el estuche)
Protección contra el aguaIPX4
Dimensiones21.90 x 16.14 x 13.60 x 24.35mm
Autonomía de batería6 horas (18 horas con el cargador)

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