Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD: top value for money




Good sound quality and construction, decent microphone, affordable.


Limited maximum volume.

Technical Characteristics of the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD:

  • Type: In-Ear.
  • Microphone: Yes.
  • Colors:Silver.
  • Weight: 17 grams.
  • Connectivity: Wired.

Xiaomi is a Chinese company with an important prestige for the manufacture of smartphones and helmets of very high quality at low prices.

The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD headphones are an excellent example. These in-ear headphones with three-unit transducer are the direct successors of the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro and stand out for a more than interesting build quality in a price range where this section usually suffers.

At Cultura Sonora we are interested in finding the best for every pocket size, so we decided to give the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD headphones an exhaustive review that allows us to evaluate them in their right measure.

All the features that have put these headphones in an important place in sales around the world in the following review.


The high manufacturing standards to which Xiaomi headphones have accustomed us are recognizable in the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, despite its low cost.

The headphones are made of aluminum and have a rounded design with smooth finishes, reminding us a bit of the Xiaomi Piston.

The cables are matte black, contrasting nicely with the silver metal that is also part of the remote controller, microphone and 3.5 mm output.

It is worth mentioning that the cable is made in such a way that the friction of the microphone with clothing does not cause noise, which is very much appreciated.

On closer inspection, the aluminum appears to be diluted with lighter materials of lesser quality. This does not call into question the workmanship of this product, which stands out among other similarly priced headsets and surprises both to the eye and to the touch.

They really give the feeling of being much more expensive than they are. The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD headphones weigh just 17 grams with cable included and the cups are presented at a 45-degree angle that allows perfect in-ear ergonomics for maximum hearing.


The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD headphones have an in-ear curve design that is quite comfortable.

They have the standard in-ear headset design that will keep the most traditionalists happy and won't lead you to adopt new habits to fit them in and out of your ears.

The response of the headphones to long wearing sessions with eartips (included in three different sizes) was more than optimal, without producing any discomfort or pain at all.

The factory box will serve as a handy carry case in case you don't have a special case to store them in, and the clip that comes on the cable will allow you to attach them to your clothing if you want to take them with you on any kind of sporting activity.


The 32Ohms impedance requires a powerful power source to give these headphones maximum power, so be aware that a player, such as the Fiio, X1, the M0 or a Walkman, can have a direct impact on your listening experience.

The maximum volume is not particularly high, so its acceptable passive noise cancellation will not prevent a noisy environment from impairing the user experience. They are not sweat-proof either, so their use outdoors may be somewhat uncomfortable.

Sound quality

The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD have two dynamic drivers and a balanced one, a combination that is quite attractive for the few euros you spend on these headphones and that guarantees an outstanding sound.

This feature is essential to give the whole sound identity of these headphones the seal of quality that is so impressive to find for such a low price.

The basses have good resolution and some punch, although they are not exactly protagonists. They are precise and shallow but have good texture.

They are kept a little further back from the treble and midrange, which are the ones that take center stage, resulting in a sound identity that is quite versatile and pleasing to most ears. The sound profile is somewhat warm, but not unclear.

In our opinion, they offer their best performance in soft electronic, pop and pop rock music.

The mids are clear, focused, textured and present. They feel quite loyal. The vocals make a singer's lyrics perfectly understandable, and when mixed with the rest of the instrumentals they make for a very dynamic listening experience.

It can be difficult to distinguish the air between the instruments, even if the sound is not congested due to a not very successful spatiality. But this does not mean that they sound poor, but rather it is as if you were listening to your favorite band in the front row of the concert.

The treble shows a surprising level of clarity. It is really amazing that such inexpensive headphones allow you to get away from the harshness and still enjoy delicate treble even when the sound details are many and simultaneous.

It is clear that the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD headphones represent all the talent of this Chinese company to bring together texture, micro details and different recognizable layers, clearly and with a lot of determination.

The treble coexists with the other frequencies somewhat intertwined, achieving a result in which the separation of the instruments is not surgical but quite musical.


Xiaomi made a big mess of its competitors with the Hybrid Pro HD, in a dispute in which the only winners are the users.

Achieving, with little, a lot, is perhaps one of the greatest triumphs in any project, and this Chinese brand has definitely achieved it. These headphones can challenge competing models that cost much more.

Having two dynamic drivers and a balanced one allows an exquisite sound calibration with a shy but quite present bass, and a sound mark with lots of micro-details and fun.

All frequencies are treated with respect and allow the enjoyment of various sound styles, although we insist that music with lead vocals is where these headphones are at their best.

To put it simply, the Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro HD is a true low-budget dream.

Not only for the fact that you can have three hybrid drivers for less euros than it costs you to go to dinner at the trendiest restaurant in your city, but because it is really difficult to find, even for twice the price, a competitor that is up to its level. Interested? Find the best prices on Amazon Spain.

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Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD technical features

Especificaciones técnicasXiaomi Hybrid Pro HD
TipoIn-Ear (intraurales)
ConectividadPor cable
Cancelación de ruidoNo
Peso17 gramos
Cable1.25 metros
Impedancia32 ohm
Respuesta en frecuencia20Hz – 40 kHz
Sensibilidad98 dB

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