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Those who choose to play a musical instrument or compose, whether as a hobby or as a career, give the world vitality and joy. Who among us has not been moved by a song? Everyone loves music in some way and musical instruments are the medium that allows us to express ourselves. through sounds.


Spanish guitar

The best Spanish guitars for beginners: Ortega R121Wr Yamaha C40 Fender CN-60S Black The best Spanish guitars for intermediate guitarists: Classical Guitar Alhambra 3C Fender CN-60s Classical Guitar Yamaha CG122MC…

Flamenco guitar

The best Spanish guitars for beginners: Alhambra 3F Flamenco Cordoba F7 Flamenco Raimundo 125 Flamenco Thomann Flamenco 1F The best Spanish guitars for intermediate guitarists: Cordoba GK Studio Cordoba GK…

Electric bass

The best basses for beginners: Ibanez GSR200 Squire by Fender Vintage modified jazz bass ’70s The best electric basses for intermediates: Sire Marcus Miller V7 Alder-5 TS 2nd Gen B-Stock…

Electric guitar

The best electric guitars for beginners Ibanez IJRG200-BK Yamaha Pacifica 012 Epiphone Les Paul Special VE Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster The best mid-range electric guitars: Fender AM Elite Strat MN…

Acoustic guitar

The best acoustic guitars for beginners: Ibanez V50NJP-NT Yamaha F310-TBS Epiphone DR-100 Takamine GD11MCENS-2 The best electro-acoustic guitars for intermediate guitarists: Takamine GF30CE-B-2 Yamaha apx1000 Epiphone EJ-200SCE The best offers…


The best ukuleles in soprano tuning Ortega RU5MM-SO Fender Seaside Soprano Gretsch G9100 Std Best ukuleles in tenor tuning Ortega RU5CE-TE Kala MK-T Makala Luna Guitars High Tide Koa Best…

Guitarras Alhambra
Alhambra Guitars

The best Alhambra guitars for beginners: Alhambra 2C Alhambra 3F Flamenco The best Alhambra guitars for intermediate players: Alhambra 5P CT E2 Alhambra 7P Classic The best Alhambra guitar for…

Fender Guitar

The best Fender Squier guitars: Fender Squier Affinity Strat pack Fender Squier Telecaster Classic Vibe 50’s BB Fender Squier Stratocaster Black & Chrome The best Fender Mexico guitars: Fender LTD…

Epiphone Guitar

The best Epiphone guitars for beginners: Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack VS Epiphone Slash AFD LP Performance Pack Epiphone LP Studio EB The best Epiphone guitars for intermediate guitarists: Epiphone…

guitarras Ibanez
Ibanez Guitar

Las mejores guitarras Ibanez para principiantes: Ibanez Jumpstart IJRG200-BK Ibanez RG421EX-BKF Ibanez Paul Gilbert Signature Ibanez Ibanez AS53-TF Las mejores guitarras Ibanez para músicos intermedios: Ibanez JEMJR-WH Ibanez AS63T-SFG Las…

Gibson Guitars

The best Gibson guitars on the market: Gibson Les Paul Studio EB Gibson SG Standard HC Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2019 SCS Gibson L-5 CES Double Cut VSB Gibson ES-335…

Takamine Guitars

The best Takamine guitars for beginners: Takamine G Series GD11MCE-NS Takamine G Series GD30CE-N Takamine G Series GJ72CE-NAT The best Takamine guitars for intermediate guitarists: Takamine EF341SC Takamine P3DC Takamine…

Yamaha Guitar

The best Yamaha electric guitars: Yamaha Pacifica 112V OVS Yamaha Guitar Pacifica 611 V FM TBS The best Yamaha acoustic guitars: Yamaha FG800MII Yamaha GL1 Best Yamaha electric guitars This…


The best banjos for beginners Harley Benton BJO-35Pro 5 String Banjo OB Harley Benton BJ-65Pro 6 String Banjo Harley Benton BJU-15Pro Banjo Ukulele The best intermediate banjos Dean Guitars Backwoods…


cuerdas para guitarra
Best Guitar Strings

The best nylon strings for spanish guitar: D’Addario EJ45FF Pro-Arte Carbon D’Addario EJ46FF Pro-Arte Carbon The best nylon strings for flamenco guitar: Savarez T50R Savarez Alliance HT 540J Best metal…

Best Guitar Tuners

The best electric basses for beginners: Peterson StroboClip HD Danelectro Snark SN-1X Tc electronic UniTune Harley Benton Dr. Chord Pro Korg TM-60 White Cherub WST-910 Tc electronic PolyTune 2 Mini…

Guitar Amplifiers

The best guitar amps for beginners: Fender Mustang I V.2 Bugera V22 Infinium Best guitar amps for intermediates: Boss Katana 100 Line6 Spider V 60 Fender Mustang GT 100 Best…

Digital and mechanical metronomes

The best digital metronomes: Thomann CTM-700 Millennium RW500 Rhythmpumper Korg KDM-3 Dig. Metronom Limited Tama RW200 Rhythm Watch The best mechanical metronomes: Thomann Metronom 330 Wittner Metronome 813M Wittner Super…

Best guitar straps

The best guitar straps Ernie Ball White Polypro Vintage woven style guitar strap Rayzm guitar and bass strap Rayzm guitar or bass strap with velvet lining Tiger STP4-BK guitar strap…

Best guitar picks

The best picks for guitars and basses on the market Harley Benton Nylon Player Pick Set Mixed Harley Benton Guitar Pick Medium 5 Pack Dunlop Electric Pick Variety Pack Dunlop…

Guitar Capos

The best capos capodastros for guitar: Asmuse Trigger Cejilla Guitarra Electricas Skeleton Shubb C1 NEUMA Rayzm Stagg SCPM-F Ortega OCAPO-CR Adagio Pro Deluxe The best capodastros capos Features This is…


Hung Pan

The best Handpan on the market: Asian Sound HAPI Drum Mini D-Akebono Asian Sound HAPI Drum D-Moll Pentatonic Thomann Nataraj tongue 16″ E-Pygmy Liquid Light Acoustics Perseus “Polaris”/Thomann Ed Metal…

Acoustic drums

The best acoustic drums for beginners: Millenium MX222BX Standard Set BK Mapex TND5294FTC Tornado Standard YB The best acoustic drums for intermediate: Pearl Roadshow 5 set Mapex Storm Rock Set…

Electronic drums

The best electronic drums for beginners: Millenium MPS-150 E-Drum Behringer XD80USB E-Drum Set Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit The best electronic drums for intermediates: Millenium MPS-850 E-Drum Alesis DM10 MKII Pro…

Flamenco drawers

The best flamenco cajons for beginners: Thomann Cajon Construction Kit Millenium BlackBox Cajon Thomann CAS-100 The best flamenco cajons for intermediate: Thomann TCA 501R Multi Cajon Schlagwerk CP404RED Cajon Red…


The best timpani for beginners: Millenium RT6810 LP M257 Timbales Matador Chrome Meinl MIT810CH Mini Timbales Set The best timbales for semi and professionals: LP 272-S Tito Puente Timbales LP…


The best wooden güiros: Nino Nino 4 Percussion Set Nino Nino 515 Rhythmik Set Thomann TKP Guiro Beech Thomann TKP Guiro Shaker Beech Thomann TKP Guiro Tone Block Beech Thomann…


Best Traverse Flutes

The best transverse recorders for beginners: Thomann FL-200R Startone SFL-55 Yamaha YFL-212 The best transverse flutes for intermediates: Azumi AZ-S2 RE Yamaha YFL-372GL The best transverse flutes for advanced players:…

Best Saxophones

The best soprano saxophones: Thomann Antique Soprano Yamaha YSS-475 II Hamaril Saxophone Set 1 Soprano Best Alto Saxophones: Startone SAS-75 Alto Saxophone Thomann MK IV Handmade Alto Sax Yamaha YAS-280…

Best Trumpets

The best low-end trumpets: Startone STR 25 Bb-Trumpet Thomann TR 200 Bb-Trumpet Yamaha YTR-3335 Trumpet Carol Brass CTR-4000H-YSS-C-L C Major Trumpet The best mid-range trumpets: Carol Brass CTR-5000L-YLS-Bb-L B&S 3137-S…


The best Thomann didyeridus: Thomann Bambus Beflam Thomann Teak130cm Bemalt Thomann Eucalyptus 130-140 Thomann Pocketdidge Cis The best didgeridoos from Meinl: Meinl didjeridu DDG-BOX Travel Meinl didgeridoo TSDDG1-BK Trombone The…


The best clarinets for beginners: Thomann GCL-422 MKII Bb Yamaha YCL-457II-20 Startone SCL- 65 Bb- Yamaha YCL-255 S Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb-Clarinet 18/5 The best clarinets for intermediate and advanced…

Best Harmonicas

The best chromatic harmonicas: Thomann Chromatic 64 Harp Hohner Chrometta 12C48 Seydel Söhne Chromatic de Luxe Low C Hohner Chromonica 270/48 C- D The best diatonic harmonicas: Harley Benton Blues…

Best recorders

The best soprano recorders: Moeck 1020 Flauto 1 Plus Yamaha YRS-23 Gewa Natura Recorder Meinel 200-1 C-Soprano Best Alto recorders: Thomann TRA-21G Alto Adler Heinrich Alto The best baroque alto…


The trombone has gained great importance since the 19th century thanks to its ability to adapt to any musical style. But also because it is powerful and evokes deep feelings…

fagot instrumento

Since the emergence of chamber music there has been a need for an instrument such as the bassoon. It is of vital importance because of its depth and dynamism, as…


Digital Piano

The best digital pianos for beginners: Thomann SP-5600 Yamaha P-45 B Kawai ES-110 B The best intermediate digital pianos: Yamaha MX88 Clavia Nord Electro 6D 61 The best digital piano…


The synthesiser represents an unprecedented leap in the history of music. Until its appearance, the medium was dominated by the acoustic capabilities of woodwinds and strings. However, the limitations of…



The best violins for beginners: Thomann Classic Violinset 4/4 Stentor SR1500 Violin Student II 4/4 Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Violin Set The best violins for intermediates: Bazzini Violinset…

Double basses

The best double basses for beginners: Thomann 111BR 3/4 Double Bass Thomann Rockabilly Double Bass BK Stentor SR1950 Double Bass Student 1/2 Harley Benton DB01-BK Electric Double Bass The best…


The best accordions for kids: Startone Puck Kids Accordion Red Startone Maja 48 Accordion Blue The best accordions for beginners: Startone Piano Accordion 72 Blue Startone Piano Accordion 120 BK…

What are musical instruments?

We can basically define musical instruments as those objects that can be used by man to produce sounds in order to create music. It is believed that the first musical manifestations were made by singing and playing different materials such as stones or logs to accompany dance. However, we soon learned to use wind, string and percussion instruments. Musical instruments of these three types have been found in archaeological excavations around all the major ancient cultures. This helps us to understand a little of the vital importance that music has had for us since the beginning of history. If you are interested in learning to play a new instrument, a good place to start is with these free music courses.

Musical instruments are systems that consist of an oscillator and, in many cases, a resonator. In stringed instruments, for example, the string is the oscillator and the case is the resonator. On the other hand, all musical instruments have their own characteristics, but they share some essential ones in common: the tonal and dynamic aspects.

When we talk about tonal we refer to pitch or pitch. Pitch is the speed of vibration that impresses the ear. The higher the frequency, the higher the pitch of the sound. The dynamic aspect of musical instruments indicates the level of intensity, i.e. how far away a sound can be heard or how loud it sounds.

Classification of musical instruments

Musical instruments have been classified in different ways throughout history. In 1914, for example, Curt Sachs and Erich Hornbostel divided instruments according to their physical properties (idiophones, membranophones, aerophones, chordophones and electrophones). However, the most widely used and well-known classification divides them into stringed, wind, percussion and electric instruments:

Stringed Instruments

They produce the sounds thanks to the vibrations of the strings and the amplification achieved by the soundboard. These musical instruments can be further separated into three different groups according to playing techniques: plucked, plucked and plucked stringed instruments:

  • Stringed instruments: violin, viola, violoncello.
  • Plucked or plucked string instruments: harp, bass, guitar, banjo, ukulele.
  • Strummed string instruments: piano, clavichord.

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Percussion instruments

Percussion instruments:sound when struck, like drums. They are probably the oldest musical instruments ever used by man. These are further divided into determinate and indeterminate-sounding percussion instruments:

Undetermined percussion instruments:

  • Membranes: military drum, tambourine.
  • Metal: Triangle, cymbals.
  • Wood: castanets, maracas.

Percussion instruments with a specific sound:

Xylophone, kettledrum, tubular bells, etc.

Wind instruments

Wind instruments They produce sound through the vibration of the wind and air inside them. They can be further divided into:

Human-powered wind instruments:

  • Wood: flute, piccolo (embouchure), fafot, oboe (double), clarinet, saxophone (single).
  • Metal: trumpet, trombone, tuba, cornet, etc.

Mechanical wind instruments:

Harmonium, accordion, classical organ.


Electric instruments

These refer to electronic instruments created from the 20th century onwards, such as the electronic organ, synthesizers, drum machines, etc..

There are hundreds of different musical instruments that anyone can learn to play to relax, express themselves or earn money. On our site you will find a musical instrument shop with in-depth reviews and comprehensive guides with all the content you need to know to choose and learn to play any kind of musical instruments.

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