Flamenco guitar: the best flamenco guitars for quality and price according to levels

Beginners Level

Alhambra 3F

Intermediate Level

cordoba gk
Cordoba GK Studio Limited

Advanced level

cordoba pro
Cordoba GK Pro Black

Which flamenco guitar to buy? Comparison of flamenco guitars for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels

Spain is the land of flamenco guitars. The sound of a Flamenco guitar is the best ambassador of our culture. It is a noble, penetrating and moving instrument, which hides the sun and the joy of the south, as well as the rage of a people or the tears of tears that sometimes accompany the lament.

There are mythical flamenco guitars such as those of Paco de Lucía, Tomatito or Moraíto. Those are inimitable. But in this comparison we are going to reveal what we believe are the best flamenco guitars of the moment for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. In addition, we are going to give you some tips that will come in handy when buying a flamenco guitar, its characteristics, parts and a bit of history to warm up your engines. Shall we start?

Why is it called flamenco guitar?

Before the s. The category of flamenco guitar did not exist in the 19th century. It was from then on that some Spanish luthiers began to build guitars specifically for flamenco artists. They adapted them better to this type of music and the final result received the name of Spanish flamenco guitar.

Characteristics of the flamenco guitar

At first sight it is very difficult to distinguish the characteristics of a flamenco guitar from a classical guitar. For this reason, the luthiers have opted to use certain light colors. However, also popular are the so-called “black flamenco” guitars whose sides and back are made of rosewood and are dark in color or with significantly darker lines. However, in the end this is only superficial and is not a general rule.

However, a real difference can be found in their design:

  • Sides: in the flamenco guitar they are a little smaller (82.mm to 100.mm) in depth approximately.
  • String height on the flamenco guitar: on the flamenco guitar is also significantly lower (3.8 mm to 4.mm) and the angle of inclination differs from that of other guitars.
  • Trasteo: although it is not very accentuated, the flamenco guitar has a certain fretting/lisp.
  • Internal bars: for the spines and supports on the flamenco guitar, luthiers have experimented with various configurations to try to create a different sound.

Although some have claimed that the sound changes, it has been proven by laboratory acoustic tests that only a better dynamic response in terms of frequency is obtained, but no improvement in sound quality.

How to amplify a flamenco guitar?

There are unamplified flamenco guitars, but there are also amplified ones. These are the electro flamenco guitars. Having it amplified makes it possible to connect it to a sound amplifier through a ¼” jack, but if your flamenco guitar does not have an electric piezo system from the factory, did you know that you can install one? All these microphones are described in more detail in our article for acoustic and electroacoustic guitars. You can also see some models of external microphones that can be useful to amplify your flamenco guitar.

Differences between a flamenco guitar for beginners, intermediate and advanced players

As in all types of guitars, such as the F310, basses or banjos, the main difference lies in the quality of the wood, which varies according to the level and, of course, also the price. Another difference is the scale of the strings, although this is not as important as in acoustic and electroacoustic guitars.

Tips for buying a flamenco guitar

To choose the best flamenco guitar you only have to follow the standard steps that have been discussed in previous publications, such as; the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, the Spanish guitar. However, the most important thing to consider is the lisp: it should not be too excessive, but neither should the sonnet go against it.

Basic tips for learning to play the flamenco guitar

Learning to play flamenco is not easy and that is why we will do our best to summarize the most practical tips for you to become a great flamenco guitarist:

  1. Learn technique: this is vital because without technique, you will not be able to fully develop your personality as a guitarist.
  2. Listen to chamber guitarists: we really mean it, because classical music performers develop a very refined technique and that will allow you to have a very clean interpretation.
  3. Follow the example of the greats: if you analyze a guitarist like Tomatito, you will notice that he has sought new horizons and learn other styles to enrich his music and flamenco.
  4. Practice: anytime, anywhere, just spend a lot of time practicing.
  5. Strings: Get some good, sturdy guitar strings and practice.

What are the best brands of flamenco guitars?

Currently the guitar market is very wide and therefore the offer and diversity of proposals is immense. For this reason, it is very difficult to know which are the best brands of flamenco guitars. Here is a list of the ones we like the most:

  • Guitarras Ortega: is a company that has been in the market for only 25 years, but has a factory in Valencia and Asia. Their instruments are of high quality both in manufacture and in materials and designs.
  • Raimundo Guitars: has been making dreams since 1968, guided by the hands of luthier Manuel Raimundo. They are one of the best flamenco guitars on the market today.
  • Ángel López Guitars : little is known about this luthier, but his guitars have gained followers due to the great quality of his instruments and the flamenco guitars are the ones with the best reputation, within the medium range.
  • Martinez Guitars: since 1978 in the Chinese province of GuangZhou the first Martinez guitars were born, which stand out for their soft touch and aesthetic designs.
  • Admira Guitars: in 1932 the German Keller Fritsch had the idea of starting this project. He took his first steps in the market of toys and musical instruments for children.
  • Alhambra Guitars: they have been in business for more than 50 years. They stand out for the manufacture of very aesthetic, resistant instruments of great historical value.
  • Manuel Reyes Guitars: they have been the makers of signature guitars made for Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Paco de Lucia and many more legends. They make impressive guitars, both in terms of construction and price.
  • Felipe Conde Guitars: 1915 is the year that saw the birth of this brand of guitars, your best reference? Paco de Lucia played a Felipe Conde for most of his career.
  • Mariano Conde: is the same house of Felipe Conde and his guitars are just as excellent. They are perhaps the best flamenco guitars in the world.
  • Francisco Bros: the guitars of the luthier Francisco Broseta are some of the best on the market, with an enormous quality of craftsmanship and aesthetics.

The best Spanish guitars for beginners:

  1. Alhambra 3F Flamenco
  2. Cordoba F7 Flamenco
  3. Raimundo 125 Flamenco
  4. Thomann Flamenco 1F

The best Spanish guitars for intermediate guitarists:

  1. Cordoba GK Studio
  2. Cordoba GK Studio Limited

The Best Spanish Guitars For Advanced Guitarists:

  1. Cordoba GK Pro
  2. Raimundo 145 Cypress Flamenco
  3. Amalio Burguet FDV Spruce Flamenco

The best flamenco guitars for beginner guitarists

Unlike the Spanish guitar, in the flamenco guitar for beginners we find a significant difference in the wood of the soundboard, because while in the Spanish guitar it is veneered, in the flamenco guitar it becomes solid. If you are learning and are looking for a teacher, we recommend the on-line guitar course taught by Jorge Fernandez from Vitoria.

Alhambra 3F Flamenco

guitarra alhambra 3F

It is a great flamenco guitar that at times borders on the intermediate level.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 2.8 kg.
  • String tension: Excellent.
  • Woods: Solid .
  • Aesthetic finish: Excellent.
  • Lisp: Excellent.

The Alhambra family offers perhaps the best proposal for beginners and does not fail to surprise because it is excellent in almost every aspect: sound, touch, weight, quality of the woods? Let’s see what this fabulous Alhambra flamenco guitar has to offer.


The Alhambra flamenco guitar has a solid German Spruce top, solid woods reserved for the middle and high ranges. Therefore, we can be sure that Alhambra has put the best of itself in this guitar for beginners.

Likewise, the sides and back are made of Sycamore, a rare wood that gives excellent results in the high frequencies that this guitar possesses. This makes it a guitar that is for beginners, but that is close to mid-range quality.

The neck is made of Samanguila and has Rosewood reinforcements. This adds extra resistance, while the fretboard is of typical rosewood and gives the harmonics that we like so much and are necessary in a flamenco guitar.


This is a guitar where the manufacturers have placed the light colors that characterize the flamenco guitar and has a beautiful natural finish. The main hardware (headstock) is silver-plated, while the tailpiece is silver-plated, low profile and made of brass. In addition, it has a good quality natural finish that highlights all the details of the wood. Its grain is beautiful, totally balanced and it is ideal as a first guitar for beginners.

Also, if the buyer wishes, Alhambra offers the possibility of amplification with three types of preamps; (EZ Fishman Clasica II, E1 Fishman Classic M and E8 Fishman Flex M Blend). All three are excellent with wonderful features, each one brings something different and has a built-in digital tuner.

Another aspect of the design is that the company gives the purchaser the option to choose between two capo options of different heights to suit the student’s playing requirements.


This is a comfortable guitar with a weight of 2.8kg. The rings are 9.cm and 9.3cm deep. Although the box has a normal size with a scale of 650mm (normal), its low weight makes it easy to carry.

The feel of this guitar is the most common for flamenco guitars, with only 4.mm and the other option being 3.8mm high. It has a slight neck taper that adds the “lisp” that is expected in a flamenco guitar.


There are several aspects that give a great quality to this guitar, and we refer to the configuration of the woods together with its design. This synergy between the components produces a shallow but metallic bass and the pickups sound great. As for the trebles, they are brilliant, the picados are a delight and in this flamenco guitar we also find a good balance with the mids.

The volume of the Alhambra 3F flamenco guitar is what we like the most, it has body, presence, a good sustain and in the strumming at times it seems to be amplified. Also, when arpeggios are performed, the guitar releases very rich harmonics into the air and this is something that every beginner should consider when buying a guitar.

Another aspect to take into account is that Alhambra offers the option of buying it with three types of Fishman piezo preamp to be able to play live or in the studio without the need to look for additional microphones.

Undoubtedly, it is a guitar that, for its price, is very complete and a student of flamenco guitar should aspire to it as a starter instrument. It is the most rounded sound as far as flamenco guitar for beginners is concerned.


This Alhambra guitar is undoubtedly special. It has touch, sound, aesthetics, its price is fantastic and all within a handcrafted construction format of the highest quality. If we have to describe in one word what this Alhambra flamenco guitar is, we would say that it is “perfect” in the beginner’s range. Undoubtedly, we are convinced that everyone should consider it as a necessary guitar to start learning. Interested? Find the best prices at Thomann.

Cordoba F7 Flamenco

guitarras Flamencas Cordoba F7

Good quality/price ratio.

It lacks harmonics.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 1.7 kg.
  • String tension: high.
  • Woods: Solid .
  • Aesthetic finish: excellent.
  • Lisp: excellent.

The manufacturer Córdoba remains faithful to its tradition of offering flamenco guitars with very good characteristics. This one in particular is an example that it is possible to be versatile and to be within the flamenco style but without undermining the sound of a classic.


As far as wood is concerned, we find a traditional configuration. That is, solid spruce in the soundboard, which provides good quality hardness and extra performance in the high frequencies.

The sides and back are made of cypress, which is one of the most valued woods for mid-range instruments. However, in this flamenco guitar the cypress is laminated and detracts somewhat from its durability and acoustic performance.

For the fingerboard, Cordoba has opted for the traditional rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia). This is by far the most used for this part because it offers a significant hardness, as well as a gentle touch and pleasant displacements.


Its measurements are those of a classical guitar, since it is 98.4 cm long overall and 48.7 cm long at the body. It is 36.8 cm at the widest part of the body and 28.6 cm at the narrowest part.

Likewise, the scale of this guitar is 64.80 cm and the neck is 2.1 cm wide at fret 1 with 2.4 cm wide at fret 9. The height on the strings is 4 mm with dual action. These measurements place it as an intermediate between classical and flamenco guitar, and what adds to its versatility is the player’s touch.

Finally, the hardware is nickel silver with gold-plated headstock. The guitar has a natural wood color finish with three coats of polyurethane.


Thanks to its measurements, this guitar has a comfortable feel throughout. This is mainly due to the 64.8 cm scale and the adjustable height from 4 mm to 3.8 mm, which allows the beginner guitarist to practice with a classical and flamenco action according to his or her preference.

With a scale 2 mm shorter than normal, the factory high-tension strings are relatively soft. This can be felt when performing F capos and other chords that do not require much effort on the part of the flamenco guitarist.

As far as techniques are concerned, we find that bendings offer very good stretches. This may be useful for those who like flamenco fusion, as it explores combinations with the blues. Legatos are also very easy to achieve with the 3.8 mm pitch.


Something that bothers us about other brands, such as Ortega, is that the lisp left behind tends to be excessive and is even perceived as a defect on many occasions. However, the Córdoba company has solved this in a masterful way because it sounds great. It is never overdone and thanks to the dual action you can get a more classic sound.

The factory Cordoba strings are high tension and have an excellent harmonic response. This can be perceived when we make bites and notes in the air. Also the pickup with the 3.8 mm action has a metallic sound that is very good. Regarding the strumming, we notice a powerful volume in open chords. With the capos the sound is a little more forced but it is not something to regret.

Overall we find a guitar that has a rounded sound because it maintains a great balance between volume and transitions in the low, mid and high frequencies.


This is a flamenco guitar that, despite being classified for beginners, has everything to be intermediate or conservatory level. Its construction is of a high standard and, although not all its woods are solid, the durability and acoustic performance ratio is very good. Likewise, the sound is complete for what a beginner to intermediate level musician requires. If you are interested, check out the best prices at Thomann.

Raimundo 125 Flamenco

guitarras flamencas Raimundo 125

Good balance between bass, mids and brightness.

It has a lack of harmonics.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 3 .8 kg
  • String tension: Relatively soft.
  • Wood: Solid
  • Aesthetic finish: Good quality.
  • Lisp: Moderate.

Raimundo has given a lot for this special guitar model for beginners that brings out the interest of this luthier to satisfy the needs of each user. This has been achieved by incorporating various elements that embellish the sound and make its touch a pleasant experience, but let’s take a closer look at all that this Raimundo has for us.


Raimundo’s flamenco guitar has a solid construction throughout. The solid spruce top gives a phenomenal vibe that enhances the performance, while the laminated maple sides and back offer a nice sheen to compensate for the lack of maple on the top. However, this wood configuration is the least resistant of all, with a breaking strength of no more than 400 kg per square centimeter.

The neck is made of Samanguila, an inexpensive wood that gives good results thanks to its resistance to bending. It is like a mild steel version, but in wood. The rosewood fingerboard adds some dynamics to the sound, although it does not make up for the lack of harmonics that are so necessary and that we will explain better in the sound section.


Raimundo offers a flamenco guitar for beginners with a light-colored top that reveals the even grain of the soundboard, adding to its visual beauty. While the sides and back are a bit dark which is not traditional, but the intention of the manufacturer is to highlight the quality of the top and it is something that fully achieves.

The fittings are brass and have a silver finish, the tuning keys are of good quality in gold color and with white mother-of-pearl buttons, while the fret bars are silver plated.

One option we like is that you can purchase it with and without a preamplifier for an additional cost. This is a good option for beginners to showcase their new skills with the help of amplification.


The measurements of this flamenco guitar are 106.7×43.2×9 and this makes it a long guitar, but with a small soundboard 9.cm. Its weight of 3.8kg is a bit excessive and it is a bit uncomfortable to wear, although it is not a big deal and you can play it in any position.

It is not recommended for children under 7 years of age because its 645mm scale will be a little uncomfortable. It is a soft guitar due to the height of its strings and relatively comfortable to play. Chords, arpeggios, picks and plectrums have some difficulty to play. The fingering on this guitar will not be easy, but it is necessary to develop a solid technique.


With such a small soundboard, it is surprising how much volume this instrument has. This is due to the solid woods that the luthier used for its construction. It has some strident brightness, but nothing exaggerated, while the bass and mids are very balanced.

As the touch approaches the lower frets, the sound improves and becomes much more pleasant. The arpeggios sound very good, reminiscent of Tomatito’s sound, and the picks have great power with a good lisp (trasteo) that is not uncomfortable. The choppiness is also very good.

However, what we cannot rescue from this guitar is its lack of harmonics, and in a flamenco guitar this is very important because the echo comes from there. That sound that should be in the air we do not have it, and although it is due to its classification as “basic”, we can find other guitars in this range that do have good harmonics.


We can say that this is one of the flamenco guitars for beginners that we liked the least. We can’t say it’s bad, because it’s actually better than many existing proposals on the market, but its lack of harmonics has left us with a bad taste. Therefore, we recommend it if you have no other options to consider. Find the best prices at thomann.

Thomann Flamenco 1F

Alhambra-3C guitarra espanola nivel intermedio

It has a good quality/price ratio.

Nothing significant.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 3 .1 kg
  • String tension: Soft.
  • Wood: Solid
  • Aesthetic finish: Good quality.
  • Lisp: Moderate.

The Thomann company is not satisfied with just selling instruments of the best brands, but also offers its own line of flamenco guitars for beginners.


  • The top is made of solid spruce and shows a very uniform grain, resulting in a quality sound.
  • The sides and back are maple with a mahogany neck and grenadilla fingerboard. This undoubtedly makes it a very resistant guitar, with a powerful sound, because these woods benefit it a lot.


The Thomann flamenco guitar is a real blonde: its color is natural, clear and brings out the quality of its wood. Its tuning keys are of very good quality, made of nickel silver with white grips. While the frets are made of brass and very resistant. The rosette on the soundhole has a very Valencian design that is beautiful and is accompanied by black lines on the rim of the sides and the soundboard.


This guitar is comfortable. With a scale of 650.mm and a height of 4.mm the touch is very smooth and the displacement on the neck is pleasant. The chords do not demand much strength, while the picking is a bit tense as you go down the frets, although it compensates a lot when you perform the arpeggios that are accessible.


It achieves good volume and great gain is perceived when strumming. Arpeggios present a good balance in relation to bass, mids and brightness because they have very good gain and if the pulsation is strong, the volume will be great.

Likewise, the brightness is clearly perceived, as well as the mids and lows have presence and a pleasant lisp. We like this because others exaggerate the lisp. One aspect that caught our attention is the percussive sound when plucking, phrases and solos are performed, resulting in a sound that few guitars for beginners have and that beginners will appreciate.

It is a guitar that we like because it produces a very flamenco sound with minimum effort, although this can be interpreted as a weakness because it does not motivate the student to develop a technique of the highest level.


It is a great guitar that is excellent value for money. Interested? Find the best prices for thomann at this link.

Best for beginners

It is time to decide which of these flamenco guitars for beginners is the best and we decided on the Alhambra 3F.

It is a guitar with excellent sound, construction and although the other guitars are options to consider, we believe that the Alhambra is the best instrument for you to take advantage of your first steps as a beginner and will be a guitar that you can continue to use when you reach the intermediate level.

The best flamenco guitars for intermediate guitarists

Let’s move on to the reviews of the best mid-range flamenco guitars. We have selected some amazing guitars for you.

Cordoba GK Studio

guitarra flamenca Cordoba GK

Beautiful design.

We find the lisp to be excessive.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 2 .5 kg.
  • String tension: Very soft.
  • Woods: Solid .
  • Aesthetic finish: Excellent.
  • Lisp: Exaggerated and seems more like a manufacturing defect.


  • Like all black guitars, this flamenco guitar from Cordoba has the fingerboard, sides and back made of rosewood, a wood that gives warmth and depth.
  • The top is made of solid European spruce, which is responsible for its good volume. It does not present a great variety of woods, and that is why this type of black guitars are still in the acceptance stage.


The Cordoba flamenco guitar has a beautiful design, with only a transparent polyurethane cover that highlights the natural finish of its colors, having a fantastic yellow on the top and beautiful dark tones on the sides, neck and back.

The manufacturer has also added a Cutaway that gives an impressive aesthetic to this instrument. In addition, the rosette of the mouthpiece has a wonderful Valencian style. The tuning keys are a delight, smooth and precise, while the fret bars are made of high quality nickel silver with an excellent finish.


It is a very comfortable guitar, measuring 984x489x90.mm. It is small and light (2.5 kg). The soundboard is 489.mm at its widest part and 368.mm at its narrowest part. This gives it an adaptability for any position, whether standing or sitting.

In addition, the depth of its case, being 85.mm in the narrowest part and 90.mm in the widest part, makes it very versatile and ideal for guitarists with small hands. The 650.mm scale, with a height of 4.mm, is pleasant to the touch, very smooth and easy to press.


Sounds pretty good. The shines are very pleasant, strident but without being excessive. While the bass and mids are warm, as expected from a black guitar. The picados and phrases have many harmonics that enrich the sound, while the arpeggios are consistent, with stable vibrations.

The plectrum pickup sounds metallic and is what you want from a flamenca, almost like a slap on the electric bass. However, what we find excessive is the lisp/transtaut and at times it gives the impression that it is a defect rather than a virtue, but this depends on the particular preferences of each guitarist.

This guitar features a Fishman preamp that has six knobs: master volume, bass, mid, brightness, notch to eliminate feedback (hum) and the mic blend to activate the magnetic microphone option. In addition, it has two buttons where one is for the drum test and the other is for activating the built-in digital tuner.

It is worth noting the high quality of this preamplifier that when connected maintains an almost impeccable fidelity of the real sound of the flamenco guitar.


All in all, it is an excellent guitar for intermediates although with a lot of lisp . For the best Thomann prices, click here.

Cordoba GK Studio Limited

guitarra flamenca cordoba limited

It is excellent in everything.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 2 .5 kg
  • String tension: Excellent.
  • Wood: Solid
  • Aesthetic finish: Excellent.
  • Lisp: Excellent.

We have chosen another Cordoba electro flamenco guitar. The Cordoba GK Studio Limited seems to us to have a lot to offer and is perhaps the best intermediate guitar on the market.


We want to say that we think this flamenco guitar is amazing. The solid spruce top, zirikote sides and back, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard make this instrument a beautiful instrument that overflows with completely balanced vibrations. Its woods not only improve the vibrations and therefore the sound, but also add an aesthetic value that we find very attractive.


This flamenco guitar, like its sister the black flamenco guitar, has a length of 986x489x84.mm. Although it has the same overall length and soundboard length, it is much shallower in its sides than the black flamenca. In addition, the lower body measures 368.mm and the upper body 286.mm, making it slightly smaller.

On the outside, we find the Cordoba GK-Studio flamenco guitar very attractive, with a slight feminine touch that we find very seductive. The combination of the solid spruce top, which has a natural light color, highlights the colors of the zirikote, which has wonderful shapes thanks to the natural weaves of this wood.

The tuning keys are gold-plated with black buttons, precision made with Cordoba quality. On the other hand, the frets are made of nickel silver, very resistant and come in silver color. A detail that we love is the Fishman preamp, which is of great quality.


The Cordoba GK-Studioflamenco guitar has a 650 mm scale, which is normal for a guitar. However, the string height is 3.8mm, which is a real delight to the touch.

It is light (2.5 kg) and its hoop widths are 85.mm and 90.mm. These characteristics make it very comfortable to play both standing and seated. In addition , its tuning keys are smooth, accurate and reliable.

On the other hand, the pickguard has a good feel and the picks are a delight, but what surprised us most about this flamenco guitar are the arpeggios, because they are smooth at any fret.


The Cordoba GK-Studio tflamenca guitar has a surprising sound: the bass, mids and brightness have a great harmonic balance. The sound is bright, but without compromising the bass which has good depth, while the arpeggios are a dream. The picks give off harmonics that every guitarist desires and the plectrum pickups have that characteristic metallic flamenco sound.

The lisp, which we find exaggerated in its black sister, does not present the same problem in this guitar. The soniquete does not play against him because his sound is dynamic, joyful and passionate. The preamp is a jewel in this guitar and although it is the same model of its black sister, for some reason in this one it enhances all its virtues.


It is a guitar recommended for all those who want to explore in recording studios, because the sound of this guitar is great. Have you got your teeth set on edge? Find the best Thomann prices.

Best for intermediates

If we had to buy a flamenco guitar of the two options, we would go for the Cordoba GK-Studio Limited. The reason? It has exceeded all expectations as far as mid-range guitars are concerned and from our point of view is better than its closest siblings.

The best flamenco guitars for advanced guitarists

We have selected what we believe to be the three best flamenco guitars for advanced level players. We reveal all its secrets below.

Cordoba GK Pro

guitarra flamenca Cordoba Pro

It is a guitar of traditional construction, with traditional sound and has a preamp.

The lisp of the Cordoba seems excessive to us, but it is a matter of taste.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 2 .8 kg
  • String tension: Soft.
  • Wood: Solid
  • Aesthetic finish: Excellent.
  • Lisp: Excellent.

The Cordoba company has hit the mark with this model of black flamenco guitar, which has many aspects that are valuable and deserve to be valued. Its sound and feel are of high quality, as well as its construction. We really liked it, so follow us and discover with us all that this great flamenco guitar has to tell us.


The Cordoba GK Pro Negra flamenco guitar has a solid European spruce top, while the sides and sides and sides are made of solid Indian rosewood. This is the most traditional and resistant wood that can be found for a flamenco guitar considered as black.

Its neck is made of mahogany with ebony bracing and ebony fingerboard, woods that give it great sound balance, with very stable vibrations.


Its color is the traditional light wood yellow with uniform streaks. The back and sides are dark, with a high gloss and transparent polyurethane finish that highlights all the virtues of the wood, which has beautiful veins.

The tuning keys are precision gold and silver colored, with black buttons. While the frets are made of steel in silver color. One thing we like about the design of this flamenco guitar is that the neck was built the old fashioned way, not glued, but in one piece. This improves the sound aspect considerably.


The measurements of this guitar are 100x48x9.cm, placing it as a large but shallow guitar, and it is what is expected of a flamenco guitar. It is easy to carry anywhere due to its weight of 2.8 kg. It also has a small soundboard, so you can play it standing up or sitting down, and is ideal for children from the age of 9 and up.

The scale is the common 650.mm, as is its height 4.mm, but at the twelfth fret it goes up to 3.7mm and therefore has a traditional feel, suitable for professionals who have developed a great technical skill. Also, the neck travel is comfortable on both the upper and lower frets.


It has a traditional sound and if you want to emulate Tomatito, this is the guitar you need. The glosses are strident and if you overdo it with force, lisp will be a problem. The same is true of the bass, which is pronounced, and the midrange sounds are quite balanced.

In the plectrum pickup the metallic sound is what you would expect in a traditional flamenco guitar, it sounds really good. Also, in the picados it sounds percussive, the sounds are not mixed and it has harmonics that we love. Likewise with the arpeggios and rasgueados, it has a great volume, a lot of sustain and presence, something that is difficult to find in a flamenco guitar.

One aspect we really like is the Fishman Prefix ProBlend preamp with 3-band EQ. It is of high quality, with great possibilities and the guitarist can take advantage of it live, with a clear and balanced sound.

This is a guitar made to play in the purest traditional style and every professional flamenco guitarist will appreciate it.


This Cordoba guitar is the one we like the most of all the proposals in this price range, only if we consider the Cordoba models. It is the most balanced, with a compact, solid, round sound and the preamplifier is excellent.

We recommend it for both live and studio use, because it works very well on its own and amplified. Interested? Find the best prices for thomann at this link.

Raimundo 145 Cypress Flamenco

guitarra flamenca Raimundo 145

This guitar is considered mid-range, but has high-end features.

No objection.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 2 .8 kg
  • String tension: Soft.
  • Wood: Solid
  • Aesthetic finish: Excellent.
  • Lisp: Excellent.

The luthier Raimundo has proven to be capable of making wonders in the shape of a guitar and this is no exception. Here are all the secrets of the Raimundo Model 145 Cypress.


  • The Raimundo Model 145 Cypress flamenco guitar from Raimundo features a solid spruce top, the ideal wood to achieve stable and powerful vibrations.
  • The sides and back are made of solid cypress which, when combined with spruce, result in great sound power and balanced harmonics.
  • Its cedar neck provides strength and together with the ebony fingerboard add more body to the harmonics of this excellent flamenco guitar.


Raimundo’s flamenco guitar has a traditional design with the typical light color of its woods. The tuning keys are precision gold-colored with pearly white buttons and the tuning rods are silver-plated, made of nickel silver for maximum strength.

Like all flamenco guitars, it has a transparent pickguard and a high quality glossy polyurethane finish that allows you to see all the characteristics of the wood. Therefore, it is not a flamenco guitar that dazzles the eye, but it is excellent in terms of sound, construction and quality.


This flamenco guitar has standard dimensions (98x48x9.cm) and a weight of 2.8 kg, so it is light and you can always carry it with you. The scale is 650.mm with a string height of 4.mm, resulting in a traditional and comfortable design for every professional guitarist.

The access to the last frets is not impeded by the lack of cutaway and instead it is easy to play on them. The pick pickup is quite comfortable as well as the picks are smoother as you move towards the last frets.


Its sound is dense, but not heavy, finding powerful brightness and deep bass with good mids. When a strummed chord is played, you can perceive the stability of its vibrations resulting in a warm, balanced sound with a good sustain.

The arpeggios sound very, very good!!!! Anywhere on the fretboard, the sound is clear and precise. The plectrum pickup has the metallic impregnated sound that is so sought after for flamenco, with an appropriate lisp.

This guitar is very good and this is due to the quality of its construction, design, materials and sound. For all these reasons we have placed it in the high-end category.


Luthier Raimundo has hit the mark with this guitar, which also has a modern sound and if you are a flamenco guitarist who likes to experiment with jazz and fusions, it is 100% recommendable. Interested? Find the best prices for thomann at this link.

Amalio Burguet FDV Spruce Flamenco

amalio guitarra flamenca

It is very delicate, only suitable for experts.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 2 .9 kg
  • String tension: Optimum .
  • Wood: Solid
  • Aesthetic finish: High quality.
  • Lisp: Moderate.

Amalio Burguet is a luthier with an air of innovation but who still maintains the warmth of hand construction. This combination of tradition and modernity is the characteristic touch of this excellent guitar. And we love it.


The Amalio Burgetflamenco guitar has a solid spruce top, whose properties in resistance and acoustic capacity are remarkable. The back and sides are made of solid cypress, a wood that, as we have already seen, gives a lot of volume to the flamenco guitar. With itsWith its ebony neck and fingerboard, it is a work of art in the purest traditional style.


This guitar has the Burguet stamp. That delicate but daring air is what attracts us to this surprising guitar. It has been chosen to go out of the standards in terms of colors, resulting in a guitar of intermediate color, but beautiful. The rosette of the mouthpiece is in the purest flamenco style with black and red lines running along the sides. The tuning keys are made of steel material and in gold color, worthy of a professional guitar.


The measurements of this guitar are standard for a flamenco series, 98x50x9.cm. On the other hand, due to its woods, this is a heavy guitar because it has dense, hard, solid and resistant woods.

The touch is very soft, with a scale of 650 mm and a string height of 4 mm. This means that it is very comfortable for a professional guitarist.

The chords sound great, with plenty of volume when rasgueados are performed, while the plectrum pickups and picados have the characteristic flamenco lisp, but without exaggeration. The access to the last frets is also a blast, super comfortable and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.


This guitar has great volume, body, is round and balanced, something very difficult to find in a guitar. The harmonics are a delight and are very distinguishable when picking and arpeggiating, especially on the higher notes.

The plectrum pickup, which is essential for flamenco, is a wonderful sound and the lisp is ideal. Also, the strumming is very rounded, very full and surely a professional will appreciate it, because it has a nice volume.


This guitar sounds great and is ideal for any professional musician who wants to enjoy the best flamenco sound. Find the best prices for thomann at this link.

The best flamenco guitar for professionals

If we had to buy one of these three flamenco guitars, we would go for the Amalio Burguet. It has everything you would expect from a great guitar, although the Raimundo and the Cordoba are also a very good option and have made us very hesitant.

If you want to find information about the best guitars, basses, drums, a double bass, güiro or clarinet, we recommend you to check our culturasonora page.

Technical Characteristics of Flamenco Guitars


WeightWoodsLispAesthetic finish
Alhambra 3F Flamenco2.8 kgMassifsExcelentExcelent
Cordoba F7 Flamenco1,7 kgMassifsExcelentExcelent
Raimundo 1253.8 kgMassifsModerateGood Quality
Thomann 1F3.1 kgMassifsModerateGood Quality
Cordoba GK Studio2.5 kgMassifsExageratedExcelent
Cordoba GK Studio Limited2.5 kgMassifsExcelentExcelent
Cordoba GK Pro2.8 kgMassifsExcelentExcelent
Raimundo 145 Cypress2.8 kgMassifsExcelentExcelent
Amalio Burguet FDV Spruce Flamenco2.9 kgMassifsModerateExcelent

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