Guitar picks: the best picks for electric, acoustic, Spanish and bass guitars.


púas Harley Benton Nylon
Harley Benton Nylon Player Pick Set Mixed

Minus 0.72mm caliber

Fotografía Gibson Standard Pick Set Medium
Gibson Standard Pick Set Medium

Various gauges Electric

Fotografía puas Dunlop Electric Pick Variety Pack
Dunlop Electric Pick Variety Pack

Guitar rings

puas Rosenice
Harley Benton Fingerpick Set

Which guitar picks to buy?

Guitar picks are one of the most indispensable tools for guitarists and also for some bass players. This is because most shred techniques have been created to be played with the guitar pick. It is true that many prefer to play with their fingers. But in a wide variety of musical genres, this is an essential piece to be able to play correctly.

Although it is a very simple tool, not all guitar picks do their job well. These must provide a certain action, sensitivity or response and for this reason proposals have been created with the most diverse materials. Many are well accepted in the market because they are efficient and perform very well. But others are a waste of time and money.

That is why we have taken on the task of selecting the best guitar and bass picks on the market according to their quality/price ratio. Read on to find out all about it.

The best picks for guitars and basses on the market

  1. Harley Benton Nylon Player Pick Set Mixed
  2. Harley Benton Guitar Pick Medium 5 Pack
  3. Dunlop Electric Pick Variety Pack
  4. Dunlop Acoustic Pick Variety Pack
  5. Gibson Standard Pick Set Medium
  6. Dunlop Thumb Ring White Large
  7. Harley Benton Fingerpick Set
  8. Harley Benton PE1 Ebony Pick
  9. Dava Control Grip Tip Delrin Picks
  10. Maxpic No.7/351 Medium 0,8mm

What are the barbs?

A plectrum, plectrum, straw or guitar pick is a piece made of various materials that serves as an extension of a guitarist’s or bassist’s fingernails. They are used to execute a wide variety of techniques created specifically to be performed with picks.

There are now exclusive repertoires that involve the use of these tools, such as Arpeggios From Hell by the legend Yngwie Malmsteen. There are also many other compositions that were created to make specific sounds using the guitar pick, such as Surfing with the Alien by Joe Satriani, among many others.

Types of guitar picks

There is currently a wide variety of proposals on the market that can be classified into several types:

Standard tines

They are made of ABS plastic of different densities. The difference between them is in the caliber:

  • Extra fine: its caliber ranges from 0.38 mm to 0.50 mm. Its use is rare, although some heavy metal and heavy rock guitarists tend to prefer this gauge.
  • Fine nail: they cover the range of 0.51-0.60 mm. It is a regular choice for country guitarists.
  • Median: they are between 0.73 mm and 0.81 mm. It is the most popular among guitarists of any musical genre and is also known as “M” size.
  • Thick nail: its thickness ranges from 0.88 to 1.20 mm and is preferred by Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen.
  • Extra thick pick: it is not very common to use it because it has a gauge of 1.50 mm and upwards, so it is quite thick and therefore not very flexible.

Thumb picks

They have a rounded shape to be placed on the thumb. They are mainly used by fingerstyle guitarists. It is common to see musicians like Thommy Emmanuel with one of these. They are classified according to their length, being short, medium, long and extra long. The most popular is the “medium” size, preferred by country guitarists, and they are also very good picks for acoustic guitar.

Digital picks

They are unusual but very useful picks for banjo players or guitarists who want to explore completely new horizons. An example of them is John 5, ex-guitarist of Marilyn Manson, who is dedicated to the search for disturbing sounds, crazy but with a great virtuosity. Another guitarist who experiments with these guitar picks is Richie Kotzen.

Special picks

They are those made from unusual materials and with customized shapes. Some of the most common materials used in special picks are wood and bone from horns. These types of pieces contribute to obtain sounds richer in nuances and harmonics because they allow a more natural sound. This type of pick also has corrugated and non-slip finishes, as well as indentations in places that facilitate grip.

Another material used is glass, although it is less common. Also various types of brass that are very popular with heavy rock musicians. On the other hand, the wooden or bone ones are preferred by jazz, funk, soul and electric flamenco performers.

There are many more types of barbs but we believe that the ones we have mentioned are the most common. You can see HERE an interesting explanation on how to choose a guitar pick.

The best picks for electric, Spanish and acoustic guitars

Based on the above ranking, we have selected what we consider to be the best guitar picks today. These are presented in set format because we know that they are the most sought after, since they represent a type of savings. However, we also have some that are sold individually because they are quite special.

Harley Benton Nylon Player Pick Set Mixed

púas Harley Benton Nylon

It comes with twelve picks of different calibers. It is a very cheap pack.


Poorly cut edges.

This Thomann brand offers a set that has twelve guitar picks with various gauges and made of nylon. For such a low price we cannot complain about the quality offered, as it is quite good.

However, there are certain details that we do not like. For example, the edges are rough and the barbs show signs of having been cut in a sloppy manner. Inside the pack you will find two units per type of sizes: 0.46 mm, 0.71 mm, 0.81 mm, 0.96 mm, 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm. They can be used as Spanish, acoustic or electric guitar picks.

Harley Benton Guitar Pick Medium 5 Pack

púas Harley Benton Medium

They have a great finish.


Some users have reported that they wear out quickly.

This set from Harley Benton offers five electric guitar picks that are size “M” or 0.8mm. They are made of ABS plastic and have a pearlescent finish.

Dunlop Electric Pick Variety Pack

Púas Dunlop Electric

They are excellent and the measurements allow you to experiment.



Sets from the Dunlop company are always highly desirable, especially the Tortex series, manufactured in the United States. Inside the package you will find twelve guitar picks with the following sizes: Tortex Standard 0.88, 1.00 and 1.14 mm, Flex Standard 1.00 mm, Tortex T III Sharp 0.88 and 1.00 mm, Jazz III XL, Max-Grip Jazz III Nylon and Stiffo, Ultex Sharp 2.00 mm, Gator Grip 0.96 and 1.14 mm.

Dunlop Acoustic Pick Variety Pack

púas Dunlop Acoustic

It has a great price and you can experiment with all sizes.


Some are quite soft.

Unlike the previous Dunlop set, this is an acoustic guitar pick set. It basically consists of the following guitar picks: Tortex Standard 0.60, 0.73 and 0.88 mm; Flex Standard 0.73 and 0.88 mm; Nylon Standard 0.60, 0.73 and 0.88 mm; Ultex Standard 0.60 mm, Genuine Celluloid Classic Thin and Medium and Herco Flex 50 light.

Gibson Standard Pick Set Medium

púas Gibson

It is a great pack at an excellent price.


All are the same size.

Gibson also has high quality guitar picks, the most popular of which is the Original Gibson classic 351. This is presented as a set with fifty 0.71 mm picks in a metal box. The 0.71 gauge or “M” size is the most commonly used by guitarists. They are picks for electric and acoustic guitars.

Harley Benton Fingerpick Set

púas Shiwaki

They are highly durable. You can get a sound with excellent volume.



This is a set of finger picks from a little-known company that has gained a following. The set consists of four pieces for the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers. They are made of ABS plastic and have a tortoiseshell finish.

Dunlop Thumb Ring White Large

púas Dunlop

It is the best pick on the market.



This is by far the most used thumb pick by fingerstyle guitarists . It is made of plastic, has a white finish, is “Large” size and comes in a set with twelve excellent pieces.

Harley Benton PE1 Ebony Pick

Puas HArley Benton Ebony

The material is first class and the finish is excellent.



We are entering the category of picks made of special materials, such as this ebony Harley Benton. It has a shape that adapts to the thumb and on the underside it adopts the inclination of the index finger. The set includes two excellent electric or acoustic guitar picks.

Other options are:

Dava Control Grip Tip Delrin Picks

púas Dava

They are the most versatile on the market.


They are a bit expensive.

This set consists of six units. The tines are quite curious because their hardness adjusts to the strength and distance of the grip we have on them. The closer we are to the tip, the harder the guitar pick will become and that is why this proposal has more and more relevance in the market.

Maxpic No.7/351 Medium 0,8mm

púas Maxpic

They have good durability.


The corrugated core is not so innovative.

This type of pick has a corrugated or sanded center for better grip. It comes in size “M” of 0.8 mm and more and more users like it.

In the following video you will find an interesting sample of the sound differences between the different picks. We also recommend you to check our comparison if you want a harmonica. and the Yamaha C40 guitar review.

Technical characteristics of guitar picks


Harley Benton Nylon Player Pick Set MixedNylon0,46 mm, 0,71 mm, 0,81 mm, 0,96 mm, 1,2 mm and 1,5 mm
Harley Benton Guitar Pick Medium 5 PackABS Plastic0,8 mm (M)
Dunlop Electric Pick Variety PackVarious materials12 Different calibres
Dunlop Acoustic Pick Variety PackVarious materials12 Different calibres
Gibson Standard Pick Set MediumCelluloid0,71 mm (M)
Dunlop Thumb Ring White LargePlasticLarge
Harley Benton PE1 Ebony PickEbony0.60 mm
Dava Control Grip Tip Delrin PicksPlasticDifferent calibres
Maxpic No.7/351 Medium 0,8mmDelrin0,8mm (M)

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