Thomann: is it the best online store to buy musical instruments?


Thomann is the world's largest online store for musical instruments, studio equipment, and hi-fi sound devices. This German giant sells halfway around the world and is one of the best places on the Internet to buy music-related products.

They also produce their own brands, which are generally good value for money, such as Harley Benton, The Box, Thomann, or Millenium. We have been customers of this multinational for many years and we must tell you that they have never let us down.

In this article we will tell you our opinions about Thomann as sound professionals: we will tell you about the many advantages and some of the few things we miss when shopping at Thomann.

We highlight their professionalism in shipments, their customer service, a guarantee that gives a lot of security (especially in devices that can sometimes exceed three zeros) and the quality of all their products.

Its official name is Musikhaus Thomann. The brand is one of those examples of how an e-commerce where things are done well, can stand up to the almighty Amazon.

Thomann Spain: advantages of shopping at Thomann Spain


Thomann Spain is its subsidiary in our country. They maintain all the processes and quality of the German parent company. In addition, Thomann Spain is the online store of musical instruments with more sales in our country. It has ousted Amazon and other major retailers such as El Corte Inglés. Every month, around 500,000 users visit its website.

There are many reasons why we recommend shopping at Thomann Spain or Thomann Madrid. Among them, its exceptional customer service, its after-sales service in case of any mishap, its efficiency in the work processes, the care with which it treats you and the guarantee it offers. However, let's go through why we recommend buying from Thomann point by point.

1) A very varied and specialized product catalog

Thomann is the world's largest musical instrument retailer. From our point of view, Thomann Spain is the best website to buy high-end and mid-range musical instruments. Here you will find things you won't find on Amazon. Nor probably in other specialized on-line stores.

Thomann is also a good place to buy professional audio devices, such as equalizers, cables, and studio products, professional speakers. mixing consoles, audiotools, cables, HIFI devices and studio products.

2) Good stock of products that make them always available.


Thomann Madrid and Thomann Barcelona have their own warehouses and logistics network (in Germany) which makes stock-outs almost impossible. This allows them to almost always have immediate availability of their wide range of products.

3) Very competitive prices

It offers very competitive and competitive prices. That doesn't mean that if you search well, you can't find certain products cheaper in other e-commerce. Of course, there are other factors beyond price that make many people choose Thomann when shopping online.

Thomann offers different price alternatives, if you are looking for promotions and discounts:

  • Bargains This section offers products that have already been used (for demos and other sales actions) and are discounted.
  • Hot Deals This section aims to provide an outlet for certain products, and offers more than 500 offers.
  • Deal-O-Metro Items whose price has been reduced for various reasons.

4) Thomann orders: very reliable delivery times

Delivery times are 4 to 7 days. In our case, they have always been 4 days. Thomann's delivery times are usually a bit longer than those of Amazon or a Spanish physical store. The reason? The product is stored in Germany. Of course, they are very reliable and provide personalized follow-up. They usually use transportation companies such as UPS.

For more information on shipping costs and delivery times, click here.

5) Maximum security in payments

It offers maximum security payment gateways. The company's annual turnover is in the billions of euros, so transaction security is one of its priorities.

6) Various forms of payment


This German company offers a multitude of possible payment methods. And that is something that is always appreciated from the consumer's point of view.

  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club card.
  • Paypal.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Cash on delivery.

7) Company invoices, VAT excluded please.

As it is a purchase between European companies, and both have an intra-community VAT number, the purchasing company does not pay VAT.

8) Thomann shipments: good packaging

The truth is that the packaging in the orders is usually very good, and makes the reception of the goods perfect. You can tell that this is a store specializing in musical instruments and sound devices, a product profile that is very sensitive to damage. In case there are any problems in receiving the order, the customer service is very efficient. At least this has been our experience.

9) Good Customer Service


You can contact us by e-mail or by phone. In our case, they have always taken good care of us and have been quick to solve the problem. Here are the contact details of Thomann Spain …

Thomann Spain Phone and e-mail

  • Here are the two customer service numbers for Thomann Spain: 911 516 772. They are usually quite serious and fast. The other telephone number for Thomann Spain is +49 9546 9223 644 Although it is a German number, you will be answered directly in Spanish.
  • The customer service e-mail address is spain@thomann.de

10) Thomann returns: longer return period than required by law

The return period for any product is 30 days, which is much longer than the 15 days required by law. In addition, returns are free of charge during the first 14 days after receipt of the material.

11) Thomann Warranty: 3 years

It is one of the manufacturers/distributors that offers the best guarantee to its customers. It offers a three-year warranty, well above the one-year warranty offered by most manufacturers/retailers in Spain.


Thomann Spain: disadvantages of buying at Thomann Spain

Although we recommend buying from Thomann, there are a few negative points that we would like to point out:

1) Thomann Madrid and Thomann Barcelona? They are neither here nor expected

It has no physical store in Spain, not even in Madrid or Barcelona. It has a customer service team in Madrid (we can tell by the prefix of the contact telephone number), and little else.

2) It does not offer any possibility of financing or payment in installments.

Considering that many of their products exceed one thousand euros, it would not be bad if they offered to pay in installments, or their own financing system, as do other large retail chains.

3) Free shipping from 199 euros and above.

The shipping cost for products under 199 € is 20 €. It is true that many of the products are priced over 200 €, but many people are put off making purchases at Thomann at that price precisely because of this. The reason for this point against it is that its logistics and warehousing center is in Bavaria, Germany.

4) No customer service chat support

Chat support is missed. Not everyone wants to spend money, or be on hold, to make a phone call to have a question answered.

Thomann reviews

Given our experience as professionals in the world of sound, we can assure you that most Thomann reviews are very positive. People are generally very pleased with the reliability and professionalism of this German company. According to the opinion and survey portal Trustpilot, three out of four Thomann buyers are very happy with their experience. we leave here the survey for you to see the opinions of its customers.

Which products do we recommend to buy?

Thomann guitars

It is the company's flagship product. Thomann is a reference in the sale of guitars . It sells electric guitars, concert guitars, acoustic guitars, electric basses, acoustic / semi-acoustic basses, electro-acoustic guitars. You can find jewels such as the Fender Jimmy Hendrix electric guitar, or the Ramirez Estudio Flamenco Palosanto flamenco guitar.

The company also produces its own brand of guitars, under the Thomann and Harley Benton brands. Our opinion? Good value for money for people who are learning or have an intermediate level.

Thomann Ukuleles

The company offers one of the largest ranges of Ukuleles in the world. It also manufactures its own under the Thomann and Harley Benton brands.

Thomann Netherlands

It is the other star product of the company. It offers a wide variety of basses from the world's leading brands, and also manufactures its own basses under the Thomann and Harley Benton brands. He specializes in the sale of electric, acoustic and semi-acoustic basses.

Thomann Pianos

The German distributor sells pianos of the most popular brands such as Korg, Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Casio or Steinway & Sons, etc. It specializes in the sale of acoustic, upright and grand pianos. Also of keyboards of all types

It also manufactures its own brand of pianos, which are popular for their good value for money. Of particular note is the Thoman DP-26 electric piano. If you need another store we recommend checking out Musicopolix, Woodbrass, Gear4Music, Malaga8, Musik Produktiv, Txirula Musik and Alfasoni.

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